Talbott Street…Roll of the Dice

048So…Is it Lucky 7 or End of a Winning Streak? Hmmm…We’re not sure. But after our engagement party, we went out to Talbott Street last night, looking for a good time, especially since it was their 7 year, anniversary party and we felt it was a sure thing that the place would be packed…uhhhh, not the case. For the record, we did have a great time, but only for two reasons. First, because all of our closest friends were together in one place. And second, special guest DJ Twisted Dee was absolutely amazing and played it up most of the end of the night. At the beginning of the night, well…never mind. But she was great and we danced pretty much the entire time she spun. Right on sister! We loved ya. We were told by a bartender at Talbott that DJ Dee is extremely well known in Florida and that an Indy local dj is going to be spending some time with her in Florida, learning a few tricks. We think this is a very good idea and can’t wait to hear a new spin on an old song! Mentorship is always a great thing!
But in all honesty…Talbott was pretty empty most of the evening, which has somewhat been the case the last several times we’ve been there, which makes us a little worried. Everywhere we go anymore, people stop us and give us their feelings about certain clubs in Indy and what they want us to write. So, let us just fill you in on what we heard last night at Talbott, because honestly, it was everywhere we turned. “The drag show is lame and the same every week. They shouldn’t have fired Alana. No matter what the business problems were, she at least knew how to keep a big crowd entertained.” And, “D.J. Deane needs to retire. Either decide if you’re going to tend bar or D.J., but it looks bad for Talbott to have her do both.” And, “this place has been empty all night and it’s always empty anymore. We’d rather go to Broadripple, and that’ saying something.” And, “they had this guest drag queen two weeks ago that was great and if she was here every week I’d come, but it’s boring and I don’t think I’ll come to the show anymore.”
Now…mind you, WE have been extremely supportive of Talbott Street and continued to say we had a good time, but please give us a leg to stand on.
Here…let us give a few suggestions…Hire someone to turn the show around. We really do like Vicki and Asia and think they’re great, but the show doesn’t have much cohesiveness. Think The Connection. Talbott has the room and the stage to do this and back in the day, this was the case on a little stage at the Metro, and Wednesday nights were packed. Promote the hell out of your events. We’d be MORE than willing to help you with this since our readership has quadrupled in the last month, but we’ve never been asked. Be creative…Think outside of the box. Think Studio 54 and make Talbott amazing again. We know you have it in you.
We would like to say that MOST of the staff is more welcoming than ever…unless they feel that our comments are personal and then we just go to a different bartender. We would like to throw out a huge kudos to Shai who is always friendly and who we personally witnessed taking care of a patron who was passed out on a couch. She explained to us the personal attention they give to patrons who are in trouble, calling a cab or holding someone’s drink while they go to the bathroom. We would like to just add how impressed we are, especially since we have witnessed other club’s doormen or bouncers laying drunk patrons outside the front door of their club. Good going lady and thank you for always being so friendly and quick!!! You’re amazing!!! Also, we were impressed that $2 of our admission went to the Indiana AIDS Fund AIDS Walk!
We would like to just put one rumor out there that we have heard over and over and over again lately. And that is that Talbott Street is either closing or going under new ownership??? We’re just putting it out there since that’s what we’ve heard. Maybe someone would like to fill us in on the truth…Love one another!
Eyes Open…we’re watching!



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3 responses to “Talbott Street…Roll of the Dice

  1. john.

    I agree with every thing that they listed in this article. talbott street is boring and the drag shows suck snice they fired alana. This article really makes me happy somebody need to call them out.

  2. Casey

    I don’t know how you define a crowd, but every time I’ve been to Talbott Street there has been a decent size crowd. Every business in this country is suffering right now…but even on its slowest night Talbott has more patrons than any other gay bar in Indy.
    And as for the show….why don’t you try being in a show every single weekend…things will eventually be repeated. Same thing happens with your outfits. Now as for Alana, she used the same 3 dance moves over and over just to different songs. However, one thing I will say for Alana is that you could always count on her for a muddy face, a collar and sleeve, the boot and a bang.

  3. Obamaliqua

    Talbott is tired and has been for years. The weak, overpriced drinks, the crappy drag shows and the bad music. Once upon a time, that place was the best damn place to go and have a good time. I used to take my girl friends there all the time. I was there two weekends ago when I came into town to visit and it was crap. Yeah .. there was an okay crowd I guess but not really. NOTHING like it used to be. I remember when the dance floor was packed and then the shows would end and you could barely walk through the place. I used to go there all the time and watch the shows and dance my ass off. Now, I may go once or twice a year and that’s only because I’m meeting friends. DJ Deanne is a really sweet chick and she can DJ her ass off IF she sticks with a couple styles, but sometimes she loses her grip and goes into some underground heroin/meth scene (Musically – not literally) that people can’t follow. People prefer to hear music they know and can relate to. There’s plenty of it out there. Throw in one of your mystery songs on occasion, but stick with the good stuff. Another thing – get the damn DJ off the stage. People LOVE dancing on stages and those tiny F*****g boxes just aren’t doing it when stinky-twink, no shirt pete is standing next to you flailing his arms all over the place with no deodorant and you can’t get away. You used to be able to dance on that stage and MAN would there be a shit ton of peple up there dancing. Talbott could be a bangin’ place again IF they would put the time and effort into it. I think they’ve let their past success go to their heads and they became lazy. The music USED to be great and the drinks USED to be much better. P.S. – Reopen the bar on the dance floor. Why is there never anyone down there anymore?

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