Our Girls; Brittany Mason, Britney Spears and Kathy Griffin…(But Not Kate Gosselin)

October is almost here! Time to begin pulling out those tweed scarfs and argyle socks to pad the inside of your Chuck Taylor’s! And…begin planning your Halloween Costume! We at the raannt offices are filling our bowls with candy corn and beginning to pull our costumes together as we speak!

Which is why we here at raannt are just a little exhausted from our long weekend of events, parties and planning and are now, settling into catching up on our t.v. shows, and planning out the rest of our social month. (Trying desperately to get out to Las Vegas to visit with our good friend Brittany Mason and to see the final show of the Britney Spears “Circus” tour at Mandalay Bay!)

While you’re waiting for our list of events to attend for the rest of September, enjoy this Kathy Griffin clip we found, “Kate is Enough”, of her parody of Kate Gosselin! Hilarious! “(We personally love the hair parody, especially since it can be found here in Indy in every aisle of every Walmart or at the counters of the Speedways and Gas America’s!)

Eyes Open…We’re Watching!


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