Won’t You Be Our Neighbor…Playboy Kendra Comes to Indy!

So the rumors are true!!! Kendra Wilkinson will be calling Indianapolis her new home with hubby, wide-receiver Hank Baskett who just signed a one year contract with the Indianapolis Colts. Kendra Wilkinson, who became famous as Playboy Playmate and for her debut on E Channel’s “The Girls Next Door, is getting ready for a little time in our city and we think it’s about time a real celebrity moved to our great state and began enjoying all we have to offer. We were a little sad to read in an article on People.com that Chris Gahl, Associate Director of Communication for the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association, was tempting Kendra with St. Elmo’s Steak House??? Wow! What a way to make us sound like we’re “not just cornfields”. Although we highly support our local restaurant owners, let’s be for real…We have way more to offer than that!!! Late yesterday, Kendra tweeted Perez Hilton asking…”u gonna come out to a colts game with me??:D”
Well Kendra…we sure hope all of your friends don’t leave you out here in the cornfields, but as a couple who loves to host and have a good time…we would like to extend the offer show you the best that Indy has to offer, and trust us…it’s not just a dinner date. We are so excited to have you guys here and hope that you enjoy your stay, or even, decide to call Indy your new home!
We’re waiting for your call…and yes…we’d be more than willing to escort you to a Colt’s game any day!!! Love Ya!

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!


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