The SEXY List…

icekissinggirls-kissingkissdreyers_cherry_choc_chipPopularuntil we bleedeastwickzombielandthirteenwitches of eastwickworkbootsvneck sweaters58389320tGrimwoodReplayzumanityrubbyil_430xN.93214818leavesmc

The SEXY List…
1. Ice…in everything!
2. Kissing…
3. Edy’s…Not Dryers…Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
4. The Veronica’s “Popular”
5. Lykke Li’s “Until We Bleed”
6. Eastwick…the television show
7. Zombieland
8. thirteen…on DVD
9. The Witches of Eastwick…the original on DVD
10. Old work boots
11. Vintage V-neck button up sweaters
12. Big, Big Hair!
13. Replay by Ken Grimwood…at Border’s or
14. Zumanity in Vegas
15. Rubby energy drink…available at W Hotel’s and online! Amazing!
16. Halloween eggs!
17. Playing in autumn leaves…
18. And Macaulay Culkin

Eyes Open…We’re Watching!!!


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