The Word’s Mr. Ted Fleischaker

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2 responses to “The Word’s Mr. Ted Fleischaker

  1. A former customer

    Ted is not a nice guy. He holds opinions that benefit him and nobody else, treats potential customers like dirt, and constantly plays the victim card. Just say no! to The Word.

  2. I had to laugh about the comment from “a former customer.” Since it’s unsigned I’m willing to bet he’s “former” because we’ve turned him over for collection due to non-payment of bills due us. That or he’s one particular local loudmouth whose ad was messed up (and that was admitted) but who declined our offer of a full refund and a 2nd (correct) free ad to make it up to him. Instead of accepting our admission of a screw up, taking his money back and a freebie he has sniped at us repeatedly and sent out often slander-filled e-mails and posted that we are poor assholes, rude, yadda yadda.

    Of course IF you had a backbone you’d SIGN the comment so we all would know who YOU were cause we can’t correct stuff from Mr. Anonymous if we did anything wrong, now can we? Remember The Word is a business and it is run as such! Can you say as much for YOUR business? Nice guys finish last!

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