Rupaul’s Ongina…Simply Gorgeous!!!

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3 responses to “Rupaul’s Ongina…Simply Gorgeous!!!

  1. Alexzandro

    After reading this article, I simply must say that Ongina is pretty darn tre cool! I really do hope to one day get to see Ongina live(Unlike that last time over here in Wisconsin when me & my friends took a wrong turn in Madison & made it in way too late! 😦 ), & see some really tre cool performance art, LIVE! Nothing beats seeing art in motion LIVE, & that’s what I believe Ongina is, LIVING art. ONE MORE THING! Watching Ongina on “Dragtastic” uncut, was totally tre cool! If you haven’t watched it, check that out now! ONGINA RULEZ! πŸ˜‰

  2. Bekahh

    Aww i love Onginaaaaa i might just shave my head bald! ahah no im just kidding i wouldnt be able to pull that off πŸ˜‰

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