4 responses to “Drag Mainstreamed…Rupaul’s Tyra Sanchez Interview!

  1. Vicki St.James

    Cool. Wish you would asked if he was cut or uncut ! lol It went through my mind 🙂
    xo vsj

  2. Dwayne murphy

    Thankyou!!!!!! Was trying c if you wanted to know how many people like your fine azzz!!!!!!!! Much love snd respect!!!! Futuristic coach !!!! No bluff !!!!playa style with your fine azzz !!!!! Keep being Tyra!!!! Thankyou for an excellent interveiw !!!!!

  3. Tyra Sanchez aka Mr. Ross is The Shit. She Really Needs to Do Some Shit With The Real BeyoncĂ©. i Belive she Should Use Tyra Sanchez in her Second Video. BeyoncĂ© used a Transsexual in Her Singel Ladies Music Video. yessssss…. Them were MEN!!!. if not only one was.

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