Talbott Street is Closing?!!!

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4 responses to “Talbott Street is Closing?!!!

  1. Lynette

    I haven’t had a whole lot of positive experiences here. From other patrons complaining they wished lesbians didn’t frequent the bar (I believe the exact phrase was “geez, all of these damned lesbians”) to one of the bartenders treating my friend who just asked for a drink with so much disrespect that he threw her tip at her. She was so upset that she complained to the manager and they put him on door duty. At least that’s how it appeared. I am not sure why guys have such an issue with women in the bar, but several experiences by myself and others make it difficult. I love the bar, but the people can be asses.

  2. Sarah

    I’ve been going to Talbott for years and have never had any real problems with any of the staff. In fact, they’ve adopted me just like family. I love it there and have never had a real negative experience.

  3. IC I am mentioned…. but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing of a bad thing. Teehee.

    BTW you boys ought to get in touch with me regarding the April 29th show I tried to email you but lost your email.

  4. Ted

    Last Friday went to talbott street with our friend Alana Steele and we were treaded poorly. We went to the bar to get some drinks and the bartender told us we had to wait beacause we were with alana. That is Bull Shit. We were only there for a half hour and they told us we had to leave and we did nothing wrong. Has for the shows Asis And Vickie need to quiet doing drag because thet are getting worse very week. THE SHOWS Sucks. As for Vivan She needs to get her Head of out of her Ass and smell the roses. Also Talbott is turning into more of a straight bar then a gay bar, What ashame. This did not come from Alana This came from their employes. They are not happy whats going on their because of the druds and having sex in the back room. That is not how you run a bussiness. Some needs to buy them out and teach them a lesson or two. We will not be going back.

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