Indy’s Own Sean Cody Boy Rylan!!!

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11 responses to “Indy’s Own Sean Cody Boy Rylan!!!

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  2. Awesome interview.
    I have always enjoyed Rylan’s work. This interview was a great excuse to get back into the back catalog of Sean Cody.
    My absolute favourite scene would have to be his work with Curtis.
    Thanks mate for sharing a great insight into work @ Sean Cody.


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  4. ChrisM

    What a totally cool interview – no BS! While he’s in a position to know I’m still not convinced that so many of the SC guys are straight – I think they’re fooling themselves and SC is making money selling the fantasy (not a bad thing).

  5. Studjammin

    Rylan def on of may SC faves.. That guy is packing and I like it.. O would love to party with him somtime he seems like a chill guy like me. And Gef good job on postin this on ur site !! I agree my absolute favorite scene of him is with Curtis, that doggy style drove me crazy I know Curtis had to have rug burns after that!

  6. ed

    thanks for the lovely interview.

  7. Mrs Patrick Campbell

    If this queen received $40,000 (LOL) for her ‘work’ then we and everyone else on this board is str8!!

  8. ChrisM

    $40K isn’t unreasonable or unrealistic for these guys to make in a year if they’re in demand. My ex made more than that in 10 months working with three different online sites. Most people think these guys work for peanuts but it’s not uncommon to make over $2500 per scene if you’re good enough to hook up with the right company.

  9. interestingly enough, I’ve seen Rylan in action *blush*. I loved the interview though. The porn industry is definitely interesting

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