Cassandra Cass…Princess of Trantasia and Wild Things!!!

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5 responses to “Cassandra Cass…Princess of Trantasia and Wild Things!!!

  1. Kimya Norene

    Raaant?..Why dont you feature the beautiful Tiara Russell who starred in Transtasia and Wild Things….she is absolutely stunning in both films…I know she is African American…but I notice you only feature Cassandra and Maria…there were three ladies…How would “Charlie Angels” look without the third angel?….whats goin on here?

  2. alyx

    u have a new fan! I’m 29, funny thing to my birthday was the day this page was started Lol, native American, Gemini an that’s another funny thing well I believe so, my zodiac the twins, the man in me has grown tired and bitter, an my other half has won over, ive been seeing a counselor an have gotten up to my recon for hrt, I live in the south, far from sweet home, but still n Alabama, Lol, but anyway in my pursuit of knowledge, I came across trantasia, an absolutely fell for Cass, she just seems like so much fun an full of an insight I believe only a few may share, hearing her comments on life an her reasons y, she really aspired to me, so much here I am, I had to learn more, c more, an hopefully come n contact, Lol, in all seriousness I’m definitely checking into wild things, maybe I may hear something back, I hope, but hey here’s to u Cass, peace chick!

  3. eric

    What a good interview…
    This week is so amazing…
    I never thought it change my live so much
    first i saw the movie soldier;s girl.
    Then i read your pages at facebook,
    and now this amazing interview.
    I love you …how you look, you are so beautifull, and most of all how
    beautifull you are inside…

    i allready ask you when you visit amsterdam then….i will be your guide.

    with love

  4. harkles w.martin

    I just want you to know i see you as a woman !!! i want to get to know you !!! your beautiful and your more than likely to be with someone?? but if i dont give a shot i wont know ?? have a bless day !!!

  5. mark beatty

    hi cassandra i love your show that is on showtime. you look great and to me 100% woman . have a great day and GOD BLESS YOU !!!!

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