Maria Roman…The Sexy Ambassador of the Transgendered World!

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6 responses to “Maria Roman…The Sexy Ambassador of the Transgendered World!

  1. Chuck

    WOW, you are gorgeous! I’m sure you here that all the time, just wondering, do you date straight guys?

  2. carlo

    Definitivamente es muy hermosa y sexy, recien en este momento la conozco y me parece toda una belleza , me gusta mucho.

  3. Jamison pounders

    Maria, I am such a fan of yours. I have followed you since I have seen you on Maury. My life partner is also a huge fan of yours
    . We were watching you on Trantasia (wanting you to win of course) and also Wild Things. We are hoping that you do more reality television. You are so halarious and sincere. You seem to be of the most caring people I have ever seen. You are a beautiful woman. We pray for your brother nightly and hope he continues on the road to recovery.We live in Sarasota Florida. If you are in the area , you have a place to stay with us. May God Bless You and Your Family.

  4. Tricia

    I have recently started watching wild things. And I love you girls!!! Such honesty and beauty. Keep rocking it!!!

  5. Eve

    Had the pleasure of meeting you and hanging out with you on Friday nite….I gave you and your friend a ride to the Abbey…You are simply FABULOUS!

  6. Bamby Salcedo

    I love Maria, she is not only my inspiration but my life long best friend. Thank you for being you! much success always!! Bamby

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