Chi Chi LaRue…Here Comes the Queen!!!

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4 responses to “Chi Chi LaRue…Here Comes the Queen!!!

  1. I think I will be going to see her at Talbotts!

  2. Massimo

    I like Chi Chi LaRue as a drag character. I even read his book. I think he has had and is having an awesome life. I do not care for most of his porn productions tho. In particular, the ones that deal with major, hardcore sex b/d, faux ‘rape’ scenes and the use of condoms. If you want to be a condom nazi in the world of FANTASY porn (not reality sex). . then make the scenerios match it. Leave the other stuff to the other guys. Nothing worse than watching a leather rape scene and the gang bangers stop to put rubbers on first. c’mon. As far as being an example for youngsters: Youngsters are watching xtube and jerkyourtube, Bel Ami, etc. NOT learning the ropes from Chi Chi productions. Put a statement about safe sex in REALITY, not fantasy (what we are paying for) and TEST your models first and say you did, etc. Nazi thing is really unnecessary and unfounded.

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