Storytelling with Acclaimed Film Director Jeremy Stanford of Trantasia and Wild Things!

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4 responses to “Storytelling with Acclaimed Film Director Jeremy Stanford of Trantasia and Wild Things!

  1. “I know there are some in the community who feel the need to judge, and who believe that pre-operative trans women are somehow “less than” others who have completed the transition. I think those who are truly secure and comfortable with themselves embrace diversity within their own community.”

    This is a very big misunderstanding that a lot of gay men have about the medical condition of transsexualism, largely thanks to politics and misinformation. What most gay men see in the community are other gay men who are playing at being women, not transsexuals. It’s unfortunate that films about these “transsexuals” are made, since it just reinforces the stereotypes.

    • Jeremy

      Dear Aria Blue,
      I totally understand where you are coming from. For me (and I am/was only expressing my opinion) transsexualism is about a person psychologically identifying with the opposite sex. For those individuals, that is what feels most natural and ‘normal’ to them. In fact I think that some might find your description of ‘transsexualism’ as a ‘medical condition’ somewhat offensive.

      Please look at the context in which I made the quote you selected above… I was refering to the contestants in THIS pageant. I agree with you that not all the contestants in this pageant might ‘qualify’ as transsexuals under your or my definition. But I did not create the pageant or the pageant rules or the pageant name.

      You left out the preceding context for my quote above… “Meeting all the girls I quickly realized they all had their own unique and valid reasons for making (or not making) the personal life choices they had made. This particular pageant was open to both self-identifying pre-operative and post-operative transgender women.”

      Those are the facts. It was not my place as a documentary film-maker to judge these girls or their personal choices.

      During the filming I had an interesting personal conversation with Jahna Steele, the host of the pageant. She confided that for a long while she looked down upon pre-operative trans women because they were not “all woman like her.” She felt that they “clouded the waters” and confused people’s understanding of what it meant to be a transsexual and she resented them for it. Her life journey finally lead her to a place of understanding and acceptance where she said she could embrace all the girls in the pageant.

      I have gay friends who, when they were first coming out, found it very difficult to accept gay men who were extremely effeminate. They felt “that is NOT me” and “I don’t want people to think THAT is what being gay means.” When these friends became more comfortable with themselves I wantched them learn to accept and enjoy the diversity in our community.

      TRANTASIA does not set out to provide a clinical definitive standard by which to judge who qualifies or does not qualify as a transsexual. It is a story about a pageant and the unique individuals who entered it.

      • The problem here is that there is such a birth condition as transsexualism, and tests are starting to show who has it and who doesn’t. It’s not merely a lifestyle choice, and those who suffer from it generally do not like to be compared to people who mimic the “lifestyle”. Due to the vast amount of “transgender” misrepresentation of the topic over the last 20 years or so, many people believe all you have to do to be transsexual is dress up, take some hormones, or have surgery.

        The fact is that you are either born transsexual or you aren’t. It’s like any other birth defect, and those who would take offense at that characterization don’t really get to have an opinion about the medical condition. They don’t have it, and what they think about the subject is an outsider’s opinion.

        This isn’t a gay issue. This isn’t about sexuality. The full time transvestites and drag queens you see in the media are not a type of transsexual. That’s really all there is to it.

  2. Dear “Aria Blue,”

    First off thanks for your “input!”

    My second question is: Are you “God?” I only ask because you seem to be making all his/her decisions for them?

    By the Way, your “elitist” snobbery, and repugnant “ho·li·er-than-thou” attitude, are exactly why there is no “solidarity,” or hope for a “cohesive community/culture” with Transsexuals!

    We are all glad you can read, so please return to your surreal world, created in the imagery of … J. Michael Bailey!

    This “rearing” over “biological” issue has been “spin-fucked” to death, by overtly apathetic popular media …

    Gender expression is about the freedom to be yourself. Your attitudes are obnoxiously regressive and overtly autocratic (not gynephilic!)

    In short, in all due respect, please STFU!

    Yours truly

    Robyn Michelle Angeles

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