The INDY Sexy List…The People…2010

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8 responses to “The INDY Sexy List…The People…2010

  1. Great list guys! Congrats to all the Sexy people in Indianapolis!! Nikki Blaine and Leslie Bailey LOVE THEM!!

    Xo – Christy

  2. Miguel jones

    Well there is only one category I should be in sexiest photographer.. Just sayin.. Lol

  3. Astra Klegere

    Love it!!! Thanks, Raannt Boyz!!! I’ll see you guys around!

  4. Eutemia Stockman

    Great job on the list guys! Love Nikki Blaine, Carol Townsend and Mark Bayles!

  5. Chad F.

    Sorry it took so long boys! Love the list, especially that you picked my Fiance for Sexiest Body, lol!! Talk soon.

  6. Donna Kordes

    Sexy in a woman is not a Barbie shaped blonde hair, blue eyes woman with big breast. It could be her heart and how big it is, her mind and how she uses it, her touch and who she’s touched. Your list of women seem to have all of that, how I envy them all. Sincerely Donna Renee’ Kordes woman in charge of nothing, But responsible for all.

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