10 responses to “RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3…Q & A With the Girls!!!

  1. antiintellect

    I loved this!

  2. Kelly


  3. Jerika E.

    MANILA LUZON,RAJA and CARMEN CARRERA- loves your answers and you are amazing i love the outfits and everything else you do keep up the great work and may the best Woman win!!!!!!

  4. Sunshine

    ALEXIS MATEO is crazy beautiful. She seems the most real.
    Love her!

  5. I love, Love, LOVE this post. Thanks

  6. Claudia Sincerity

    Shangela rocked the Lip sinc…she deserves to win…Raja is a mean spirited man !!!

  7. malena

    This is the first season I have watched Ru Paul’s Drag Race,in the beginning it was one of the most entertaining shows I had watched in a long time,but the judges have gotten so mean with their comments,such as one showing her own boob job to make a point has taken wind out of these girls performances.These are performers,I love it when they take it over the top with the boobs,and the strip hop,Alexis rocked in her hip hop performance.Last week Ru,you were spot on Yara’s hair performance was great.This week I think Alexis and her sister got robbed.Carmen coming back was a waste of time,other than to bring Raja down to her level.Lip sinc?More like strip sinc!It didn’t seem like Raja knew the song very well.

  8. ed k

    Alexis we cried for u tonight. You’re beautiful as well as Raja and manilla but we were rooting for you. Just came home from Treasure Island but would come back soon to c u in Florida!

  9. Art Sierra

    This is the first season I watched this show and it may be the last, Raja the winner? I stopped watching “drag shows” because of all the body work these guys were having and Miss Rupaul seems to have taken it to the other extreme….example Raja is nothing but a “stick of a man”, where as Manilla and Alexis are the true illusion of female impersonation. Also when it came to make up and actual performance there is not contest and Miss Manilla and Miss Alexis should have been in the top two and one of them SHOULD have been the winner. Wake up Miss Rupaul because what happened this season can NOT happen again or you will start to lose credibility.
    I’m still a big fan of you, Miss Rupaul, just not your show….not anymore. Sorry.

  10. Yairis

    I will never watch this show again!!! Is completly fake!!!! I can’t believe that raja won because her and rupaul are friends for 15 yrs! Very disappointed! I was a number one fan but not anymore! When Perez Hilton put on his page who will be the winner and the reason why, I still watch the show, too bad rupaul like to play people like that! Why even bother to make the whole show?

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