Guess Who??? the NOT sexy list!!!! Teaser!

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13 responses to “Guess Who??? the NOT sexy list!!!! Teaser!

  1. Hmm, I’m guessing since it’s Indy based… the Star?

  2. OH MY – Mommie Dearest and NO WIRE HANGERS – that movie scare the living daylights out of me!! What a great movie!!

    XOXO –

    PS I have no guesses BUT I LOVE YOUR PHOTO – SEXY!!

  3. Oh, mystery solved! I wrote the e-mail. What do I win? –Amy Bartner, Metromix online editor

    • Lindsey


      Grown men collecting a Mean Girls style Burn Book is NOT SEXY.

      How incredibly unprofessional and immature. And straight up mean, as well.

    • Robert S

      Hahaha, after Amy’s comment — owned!

      Honestly I’m really not sure where to start, or even if I could ever finish. It’s hard to digest the claim that you’re humble and professional when, in the same breath, you boast about your celebrity wedding, the amount of celebrities you know personally, and the fact they’re creating a reality TV show about you (I’m still scratching my head on that one…seriously?). Or, worse, the fact you “professionally” decided to publicize and criticize a private business letter (according to your friends this is the second time this shit has happened).

      You know what’s not sexy?

      1. Using the internet as a forum to defend your wounded pride and to try to publicly defame another business (props to Amy for busting that bubble!).

      2. Claiming you’re bigger than you really are. A slew of e-mailed (and incredibly corny) questions with a bunch of Google images does not a celebrity make. The brilliance of Perez Hilton is offering news most of us have yet to hear about in an entertaining way. If you’re going for the gay, gossipy niche, it’s already taken. And for the love of God, research the concept “follow-up question” — most high school journalists know this shit.

      3. Bashing on the town that you owe this “career” to, because let’s be honest, in real cities like Chicago or L.A., you’d be one of a million social gossipers. Why on earth do you claim to constantly try and improve Indy when all you’ve done is bitch and moan when certain clubs don’t kiss your ass and offer you VIP treatment? Instead of claiming you support gay rights by posting a few Youtube videos, why not actually go to high schools and engage these students? This is substantive improvement, not the bullshit you’re spewing.

      4. Using “sexy” like your some kind of gay Paris Hilton to also try and establish your particular brand of social elitism and claim the right to label shit as “sexy or not.” I’m not going to berate you, but:

      A) you’re both MEN, not BOYS

      B) I feel like it’s a reasonable assumption (in the gay world) that to be sexy, and to have any kind of monopoly over what’s sexy, you should have a gym membership. That’s not reaching for the stars, is it?

      Don’t give up on your dreams, but for God’s sake, try and be classy.

  4. paul moschell

    Drama. But props to Amy for laying it on the table. LOVE Denver Metro Mix.

  5. Peter Monn

    The last line of our very first blog post stated, “Less cattiness, more LOVE…Eyes Open, We’re Watching” and we’ve never strayed from that mission. But…as we move the majority of our business from a local to a national level, bc 80% of our readers are on a national and international level we wanted to stir things up in Indianapolis a little bit. Wow…we never expected this response or the doubling in views…so thank you! We believe our post on Monday will answer many of these questions as well as make many of you feel absolutely foolish. Point one. Interestingly, the majority of the gay community in Indianapolis has never been supportive of us whereas the straight community has accepted us with open arms. We’re not really sure what is wrong with going out, having fun and trying to bring positive attention to social pop media. Or do you not like having fun? We’ve never claimed to be something we’re not. If you don’t like what we have to say…don’t read us. The reality is we have tons of fans that send us messages and emails daily. A few responses of hate mail, which is what the above comments are, does not a mass make. We are what we are and we make no excuses. The message we are trying to send is that confidence is sexy. If more children and adults understood the importance of a strong self concept and confidence we wouldn’t have mass problems of eating disorders, mutilation, suicide and poor self image with many teenagers. If you think that our “business” begins and ends with this blog…you really have no idea what we do or who we are.

    1. Our pride is not wounded. We are “social reviewers” and our job is to review anything socially relevant…as we decide. Amy chose to light this fire with her comment on Twitter that our blog was not safe for work, which is inaccurate. To then contact us, because SHE is personally upset because of our response to her on Twitter, which was appropriate, then the truth needs to be exposed. We did not previously list her name or Metromix out of professional deference, but we appreciate her honesty. It releases us from any form of liability. The rest…will be addressed tomorrow.

    2. The majority of our interviews are a combination of several types of contacts, phone calls, emails, etc…Any pictures from the last six months are not “googled” but supplied by the individual themselves. We are not Perez Hilton. We do not “trash” people and have made it a point to NEVER directly attack someone which is what has happened to us in the last 24 hours. You’ll find it difficult to find an instance where we have attacked someone’s character.

    3. We don’t need to respond to how we support this city bc you obviously have no idea what we do. The reality is we receive messages daily from gay adolescents thanking us for what we do and for putting our names out there and offering hope. We won’t ask what you do or why you’re unwilling to post your whole name in a comment or to supply a fake email. If you want to make change, as you suggest, stand up and be proud. We’re not ashamed. We stand up with our heads held high.

    4. We didn’t claim the name “boys” it was given to us by Scotty Davis of RadioNOW and now we use it for our blog. And quite frankly, boys or men, we love it. But at 38 and 26 we know who we are and who we aren’t.

    5. We have gym memberships, not that it matters. In our interview with Velvet D’Amour(, )the first plus sized model to walk in a couture fashion show, she stated re: body image “I am an activist for expanding medias minuscule notion of beauty which they perpetuate in wild abandon whilst touting ‘good health’, when in fact it is a mind fuck, pardon my French, but this ideology of ‘perfection’ which permeates our society only serves to create a public which ends up hating themselves because 99.99999% of us will never come close to the capitalist driven ideal. For me, Beauty is about each individual honoring the innate splendor which they possess.” Absolutely…this is how we live our lives daily and try to carry this message to others!

    We’re not really sure what is arrogant about stating facts? It doesn’t really matter. We will continue to write what we write, go where we go and do what we do. We will continue to help people feel better about themselves and have fun in everything we do. We love and appreciate the comments, which we NEVER edit by the way. We receive thousands of views daily and we appreciate all of our readers. But let us ask you a question…do you really think that grown men who use words like “sexy” and interview drag queens, models, beauty queens and dj’s take themselves too seriously? The reality is, Robert and Lindsey, your comments are extremely judgemental, which is what you’re accusing us of being? Do you, in fact, know what the teaser is implying? Lindsey you posted all over Facebook that you have tried really hard to like us. We don’t remember meeting you or you introducing ourselves to you. We did, in fact, attempt to friend you yesterday on Facebook to prove no hard feelings. Have you responded, brought your issues to us personally or tried to befriend us? No…you attack us silently from afar. Weak! If we have an issue with someone or are interested in them or want to find out more, we ALWAYS contact them directly. THAT is professional. We’re finding it hard to find a time when we were mean to someone, didn’t engage someone new in a conversation or offer help to anyone who asked if it was something which would better them or Indianapolis. So who is doing the real good out there. Our feelings are not hurt. We have lived through too much which is why we try to have fun lives now and pass this message of colorful living on to others. But…imagine a 16 year old, gay teenager, dressing playfully at school, singing to himself, loving life and dancing through the halls ridiculed and picked to pieces. How long would he last? YOU, Robert and Lindsey, are part of this! Calm down folks…turn up the volume, dance and have some fun. Life is just way too short to be this serious! As Peter’s mother, who passed away three years ago was fond of saying…because we’re on borrowed time as it is!

  6. John O

    You’re shooting the messenger here, lads. You can talk about whatever you want because it’s your blog, but Amy works for a publication that corporately owned and operated, so they have to be careful about who is sponsoring or plugging them. And I’m not here to defend that corporate mentality or say that it’s the way it should be, but it’s the way it is. As far as Joe Fuckass from Indiana is concerned, he sees gay content, starts a witch hunt, and Amy is the one fielding the phone calls to try and defend your blog’s purpose. So rather than endure the headache of dealing with people that don’t get it, she requests that you simply take down the link.

    I know Amy very well, and I’m sure her letter to you was more than courteous and was very appreciative of the work you did in the past. You say you have all these fans and that you do it for them, but you turn just as quickly on one of them who obviously cares enough to read your blog and see what you’re up to from time to time. And I don’t know what “answers” you have in the waiting tomorrow, but this, right here, right now, is insulting and it’s childish.

    I also don’t quite understand what this has to do with being sexy or not, but when it comes to “being confident”, letting things roll of your back, and acting like an adult, Amy could out-sexy either one of you.

  7. Zoe

    ❤ MUAH! Love you Now Always Have Always Will ❤

  8. Zoe

    Love the New Pics but I am Partial 😉

  9. Sarah

    You boys are fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work!

  10. Craig Bracken

    Hello Haters-

    I can tell the columnists that Peter and Alex are fantastic guys. They embrace everyone, and really do not look down on people period.

    It’s a shame such idiots are allowed to work for metro-mix and many other papers in Indianapolis.

    I think what these guys are doing is great and I support them 100 percent.

    Straight or Gay what they have accomplished and stand for is just plain SEXY!

    Go fuck yourselves metro-mix and others

    Craig Bracken

    • Craig where the hell are you hiding

      Metro mix does blow Not as much as the whores do in the back office at landsharks – but yea it blows-

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