hate is NOT sexy!!! Join the LOVE TRAIN!!!

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21 responses to “hate is NOT sexy!!! Join the LOVE TRAIN!!!

  1. Loved the post gentlemen. I would have loved to meet your mamma. She sounds sweet. I know nothing about lesbian dinosaurs.

  2. Jenny

    What can I say? I love you Peter and Alex! I will have to say that I don’t like it when I see negative posts about you( on your previous post) because I think the world of you both! These people clearly don’t know you, so please don’t let these nay sayers irritate you! I have spent a lot of time with you both and every time I walk away from you, I look forward to our next meeting! I love dancing with you, talking to you , laughing with you, playing games with you, and meeting you on Sundays for our people watching at the mall! I pick my friends according to what they bring into my life….do they make me happy? Are they supportive? Do they take time out just for me? Can I call on them for anything at anytime and know they will be there for me? And do they know and appreciate that I will do the same for them? You boys, and yes I did say boys eventhough your are clearly men, fit the bill for everything a friend is to me. So….embrace the negative responses, and put it in a bubble and blow it away!

  3. anonymous

    So, I just want to say to the both of you. I love you and all the work you do for Raannt. I am having a super hard week with my parents accepting me and my partner living together; and I read your blog today and it makes me feel SO much better. I don’t care what anyone says about you, and neither do you; that is what I love!

    Just wanted to tell you thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning. MUAH!

  4. Heather

    Burn book lol I have a burn file that would kill Indy, what a joke- if u guys wanted to be mean u could have a long time ago- can’t wait to party on 3/26 I’ll bring the book made a great cover for it lol Jk:)

  5. Rubbish

    Hey! You know whats NOT sexy? Bashing the city where you live and the people who live there. You are two Grade A asshats. If you’re “too sexy” for this city and such major “celebrities,” how about you get the fuck out? You won’t be missed.

  6. Love, Love, LOVE this post! I think this embodies everything that you guys are about. You should’ve added a section about 6 Lounge, I think they’re another reason why Indy will never be sexy, but that’s just me. Keep doing what you’re doing, and I’ll keep reading. See you guys soon!

  7. John O

    I was involved in the Indy arts scene for years, but am only now hearing about you because someone involved with a local publication that people actually care about was trashed for no good reason. If you have beef, Amy’s not the one to be burned at the stake. Blame Ganett, because according to them, your content IS, IN FACT, not safe for work. If I were to pull up your site at my office, it would most certainly get flagged.

    I know you mean well, but you have to understand you’re in the wrong place to be actively doing what you’re doing on this blog. Also, recommending the same old cliche places and activities, and having more fun being sassy and self-absorbed makes me want to take a cue from Rubbish and suggest that you move away. We’ll all be much happier.

  8. John O

    By the way, airing your dirty laundry about a private contract (that never even took place) on a public blog is about the most unprofessional thing I can think of. If you really love what you do, you should be happy to contribute to the city you seem to love oh so much rather than focusing on how much money you’re going to make. Maybe that kind of behavior is what turns people off?

    • Insiser

      John O
      Sincerely, Indy needs these guys. They have never attacked anyone they are not like naptowndouchebags the dirty or Perez Hilton.. They are only stating facts and and sharing what they feel. They have the right to say whatever the hell they want hello freedom of speech?! They are entertainment bloggers… I know you are just defending your friend but Yank that stick out of your ass this is all in good fun and if you don’t like what they say don’t read thier blog!!

  9. NB

    You don’t get noticed following the norm.;-)…Joan Rivers, Dennis Rodman, Rupaul…and the list goes on….Stay encouraged.

  10. Indianadoc02

    Love it! Part of being a publisher is accepting criticism and being prepared take the consequences. The metromix chick is ridiculous. Does she think she would EVER survive if she got promoted to a mag in Chicago or NY where other publications rip you a new one everyday for your decisions or opinions?!! She needs some thicker skin asap!

  11. Robert S

    This mom sounds like a wonderful and classy person, and I’m sorry she passed away so tragically. It’s unfortunate she got dragged into part 2 of this trashy and tactless bashing. I’m also incredibly sorry that my post aggravated your passion to blindly defend your ego and continue to personally attack and vilify Amy.

    Your mom is right, people’s opinions shouldn’t matter. Self-respect and confidence is vital to surviving in a world that’s often shallow, uncaring and cruel. But it’s one thing to stand up for what you believe in, and it’s another thing to divulge private business letters and exchanges to make yourself feel better.

    Let’s be real, this post has nothing to do with warning the community about bad business practices so much as showing how much two company personally wronged you (I leave the senator out of this, because he’s a jackass and also a public figure). We have consumer reports and complaint forms in the professional world to deal with these situations, while you chose to go the route of a 16-year-old girl who blogs as a form of therapy and a way to exact a personal vendetta. It’s a childish plea for attention, and even worse, it’s attacking people who don’t deserve this kind of viciousness and cruelty. It would honestly surprise me if any business would want to associate with you after such such an unprofessional, immature and callous post.

    Hate is definitely not sexy. You can be outspoken without trampling over other people in the process. Your girlfriends might see it as being who you are, and hell, if what you are is trashy, classless and tactless, own it. But there are other ways.

    True confidence is smiling and shaking your head silently when others try to put you down — you don’t have to berate them back, because your confidence doesn’t derive from words, it derives from a truth that’s deeper than shallow rhetoric and fighting words. True confidence and self-esteem is Amy’s post, which we cheered not for letting the cat out of the bag so much as for her ability to smile and laugh off an insulting post with good humor. The fact you couldn’t see this is a sign that your conception of self-confidence is vastly different from the reality.

    Go on with your interviews (which, honest to God, are incredibly cliché and shallow, which is a shame because these celebrities seem so interesting). For my part, I wipe my hands of this. This was trashy and immature, and as adults, you should know better.

    • Insider

      I love that they have called her out…I mean really that “shaking it off and killing people with kindness” Bullshit does not ALWAYS work. People should defend themselves and call others out when they have done wrong otherwise you will be walked all over. Amy should have never started with that tweet. -FAIL-

  12. Jason Warner

    MetroMix……how banal. My facebook page has more interesting content than that waste of paper pulp. Your mama was intervening here to keep you guys out of that sad, cookie cutter, generic publication. I have no investment in any publication or business in Indy so this comes from a place of simple observation. Keep on luvin’ boys!

  13. Anonymous

    I request to maintain anonymous because what matters is what I have to say, and not who I know or don’t know…
    This post is full of passion and fight, energy and spirit, love and hurt feelings, egos and witty words. It’s main focus is to let their readers know what they know and how they feel, and that’s excatly what they’ve done. It’s sad that Amy is having her friends comment on here and defend her when in reality it comes to show she did something that was miss leading and unprofessional, I guess that friends will be friends but I’m not going to stand here and let her get away with her self pity party. She got called out, along with the other people in this blog. It’s not a hate list, it’s not a bashing list, and it’s not a defamation of character… It’s factual and it proves a point. That point, to me, is that life is too short to care and these people on this post care too much, worry to much (to the point of having their friends comment and fight their fights).
    The bloggers didn’t attacked characters, they stated their opinions and proved them with facts… Amys friends on the other hand, are the immature ones and bashers. Robert S said the classy thing to do was to shake your heads and move on, but here he is commenting, seems like he also doesn’t believe of himself a classy person. John O, it seems that your nothing but bias on this whole situation, learn to read things with out any personal emotion and then react… Looks like the girls here are these 2 “grown” men, trying to make up for other small things.
    Indianapolis is stuck in a sad place and is really because all of us. We complain, point figures, move away, talk shit, and defend the wrong. Well it looks like some, like these guys, are trying to change that! and our “stuck” minded way of being wont let it happen.
    So boys and girls take the blog for what it’s worth, less thinking of competition and more working as a team.

  14. M Renee

    ..so, to sum it all up..you don’t get anywhere serving milk and cookies to the multitudes….keep exposing the truth RAANNT BOYS!!!…you are appreciated by those who matter to you the most..don’t ever doubt it for one second…..(if there are any leftover cookies, send them my way :)…)

  15. Tim Sims

    Who cares? Indianapolis Sucks. I lived there my whole life and finally moved to Denver (love) 3 years ago. it’s (Indianapolis) dirty, humid, racist, boring, closed minded and ugly to look at. Indianapolis is a city where gay people and people of color still flock to the downtown area because it’s the only place they are allowed to feel comfortable. The Kids in IPS have to share books because there are not enough to go around (in one of the worst public school systems in the country) while the colts get a new stadium when the last one wasn’t even paid off. The gay community is limited to drinking and drug use at gay bars after midnight (ALL with no windows or blacked out windows like the freakin underground of the 1950s). ~ talk about shame. The straight scene is what still? Broadripple? Cooter shots from girls with big hair? And DJ’s across the board who just … Don’t Get It.
    97% of eating establishments in Indianapolis are national chains. Hint.. Cheesecake Factory and PF Changs are not sexy. Hence, Indy being one of the top 5 fattest cities in the country. The star and “affiliates”, never supportive of the gay community. Not even for pride week. And a boring and depressing read. As is NUVO. I havnt read a NUVO in forever, but as of 3 years ago when I left it was as dried up and unappealing as Phyllis Diller’s vagina.
    So hey!!! Hurry everybody! I hear Dionne Willis and Bob n Tom are hanging out at the Chilis in Greenwood! then let’s country line dance down to the Union Station ghost town before we go on a walk around the canal for some gay bashing and maybe get to see some BLACK people. We can pee in the canal since there are no bathrooms or… really anything else to do there. THEN the topper. We can hit the exclusive North Side for some bad shopping and finish the day off at landsharks for some blowjob shots and Forever 21 girls!
    Really?… A Sexy List in Indianapolis is HA-larious. The last sexy thing was when Reggie Millers wife did a Summers Eve douche commercial. Who cares about metromix or Amy whoever or Indy gay haters.. I say continue to cover interesting people from around the world. Drop the local “drama” cuz… nobody cares. And for The Love Of God … Move out of that Shithole City.

    • Best comment ever. I couldn’t think of a better way to sum up Indianapolis.

    • Omg this was an awesome comment lol
      Pf changes lettuce wraps lol ha ha ha

      Forever 21 ha ha ha ha omfg dude please post again! U r so my speed !!!
      Landsharks ha ha ha ha omfg love it
      I agree Peter n Alex bring it to Vegas with me 🙂

  16. Chilis in greenwood omfg I want to die laughing can’t wait to get off this plane n smoke lol

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