the TRUTH…

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6 responses to “the TRUTH…

  1. indianadoc

    “Don’t stop to ask. Now you’ve found a break to make at last. You’ve got to find a way. Say what you want to say. Breakout.” – Swing Out Sister. Lyrics that ring so true right now. And, since I did know you mother and loved her dearly, I CAN see her dancing around the kitchen, heating up apple cider, and lovin’ every minute of this. Stay strong.

  2. Anonymous

    Keep doing what you are doing boys. Please don’t ever like to hear the truth about themselves; that is why this is getting to be a bigger issue. Obviously someone is feeling guilty and their is deeper emotions going on then just what you wrote. As I told you yesterday, your blog helps tons of people and who cares if it pisses a few people off. They obviously don’t care and neither should you. I wouldn’t change your words for anyone; be yourself and keep on keeping on. I love you both!

  3. “John F. Kennedy would have never have acted that way.” I absolutely adore this line! My parents and in-laws would feel the same way. There is something to be said/written about how people treat one another, especially publicly, that is much different than in JFK’s time. Thank you for being a little LBJ and not taking shit from the haters:)

  4. M Renee

    …here in Indy, it’s all about the ‘clique’..and if you are part of the “a-team” that dictates who gets ahead, and who is cast aside..a town, that has never been known for anything other than racing..and this is what we must remember…the “fast track attitude”…..well, i say to you two…Kudos…for exposing the pure flakiness that runs amuck…amuck amuck amuck…there’s so many great and interesting people here who have a lot to offer…many beautiful spirits who are not allowed an “in”…thanks for standing up for what is known as TRUTH…they loved you two because you were different…and they still do!..oh yes they do…they’re just upset that they’re NOT YOU….

  5. Listen who gives a fucking rats ass about who thinks what in Indy, like it’s mean girls really? Who are the mean girls ? Who are the popular people? Everyone in indianapolis , including myself at one time, likes to think that their preverbal shit don’t stink, that they are the Hottest most important and most wanted people, its really time people there realize it doest take much to get a god damn table some where much less an invite to an opening of a new club or to dine at the best restaurants in Indy, it’s what you mske of it the kind of person you are the people you keep in your circle and your god damn smiling face that make it worth it there because guess what when you turn your Fu king back everyone talks shit anyone and I’ll admidt I’m the worst at talking shit- so who cares be yourself and don’t be fake . And ps sorry for typos in typing this via iPad while on my jet to London. C u boys soon.

  6. I ment when you turn your back everyone talks shit anyway not anyone sorry for the typos !

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