Indianapolis “Press” Week…A Review of Midwest Fashion Week’s Last Night

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  1. I agree

    I will have to say that I TOTALLY agree with your review of the show. Throughout the process everyone has wondered if it was a fashion show or a charity event. This should have been two separate events. While it was nice to “give back” it should have been done at a different event. I think in an effort to show he’s “running things” Martin comes up with ridiculous ideas and some how manages to lose the focus of what’s really going on. Each show gets a little more disorganized that the one it follows. I’ve heard that the local designers won’t do the show because they all have really bad experiences with the event.

    Don’t feel bad, we thought we would have a chance to talk with Sola as well. At least you received a response from your email. We’re still waiting. While she does have an impressive background, we’re left to wonder how it relates to planning and directing fashion shows.

    The price of the tickets were a little too expensive for me. I didn’t understand why I was paying so much money to support down syndrome (no offense) when all I wanted to do was watch a fashion show. There should have been tickets available to people who only wanted to see the show. I think the people who put the show on go in with the good intentions but things slowly start to fall apart some where along the way. The show is seriously lacking. After paying $125 for a ticket they then wanted you to donate money, isn’t that what the $125 was, a donation? I thought it was seriously tacky.

    In regards to the models, this is Indiana and because the better models want to be paid, you get what’s left over. I’ve heard that a lot of models won’t do this event because they’re tired of working for free. Model Tyrie -was in attendance at the show but distances herself from walking because she needs to be paid. Some of the models have been walking for MFW since the beginning and don’t receive any money. Emily Nyberg is a superstar stuck in Indiana for the time being. Another thing we heard is that some of the models who participated in the show were selected from the audience. Is that true? Don’t they have someone backstage to handle the models and prevent that from happening? I would love to hear what the people who put the show on honestly thought.

    While the venue that hosted the show is very nice and large, the models didn’t appear to have much room. I heard they were running naked on the side of the ballroom and anyone who happened to be looking in that direction saw more than they intended.

    From what I heard the designers were upset because they had to pay for tickets for their guests, they didn’t even receive one comp ticket.

    *** Confused

  2. Indiana

    Another thing we heard is that some of the models who participated in the show were selected from the audience. Is that true?
    **Models were NOT chosen from the audience. We may be in Indiana, but we aren’t this tacky. I would know, I was in the show.

    Also, models were NOT running naked along the sides. It was very inconvenient that we had to run back up stairs in front of everyone, but we were told it would be closed off. Clearly it wasn’t.

    These shows are never perfect, but we are in Indiana. It’s not like we have people from NY, LA, or Miami helping produce a fashion show in Indy. Berny is a great friend of mine and has come a very long way from where MWFW started. (I would know, I’ve been there since the beginning.) Also, who gives a crap if it was a fashion show or charity event? It was both, and because of the limited supplies we have, it was both. No big deal. Not to mention the models with downs were tons of fun to be around back stage. 🙂
    People need to remember that we are where we are and if you have such a problem with what was going on, tell someone involved in MWFW that you expect different the next time you attend one of these events or better yet, GET INVOLVED. And even if you don’t attend, hopefully it will be better for the next group of people that come.

    Normally, it takes some time for things to be as ‘welcoming’ as the more well-known fashion weeks, MWFW is five years old, it pretty much just got out of toddler-hood. We all know there is a lot of improvement needed and maybe if we get more people involved with more knowledge and opinions from being in the audience, things would improve drastically.

  3. fair and balanced article, would like to see MFWF answer some of your questions.

  4. Ta'Keisha

    I’m sure replying to this will be frowned upon but, here goes:

    Yes, there was a model selected from the audience. She’s a real model with experience. One of the designers thought he was short on models and asked her to walk for him.

    I handle the models but was gone when this decision was made and didn’t realize what was going on until it was too late. No one else knew what was going on.

    Agreed with the above comment that this is Indiana and we work with who we have. That’s not taking anything away from the models because I thought they were amazing! Yes, some of them need more work and that’s no secret. The designers had to share models because we have a limited amount of models to work with.

    The plus sized models is what the designer wanted. She wanted models size 10-20 because that’s her target market. Granted we’re not used to seeing larger models on the runway but the average woman is about a size 10 not a 4/6 like myself.

    I didn’t have any say in any of the other decisions that were made regarding venue location, press passes, food or anything else so I won’t speak on that.

    I do agree that there should have been seats available to individuals that only wanted to watch the fashion show and not eat. It’s something that I fought hard for but it didn’t happen.

    We worked really hard to put the show on trust me, there was lots of stress because planning a show this big takes a lot of work.

    The food was for the models not the press but I see Sola informed you of that in her email. 🙂

    I apologize for the way you were treated, that shouldn’t have happened. I had no clue there was press upstairs.


  5. Seems as though there was a lot of disorganization and lack of communication on someone’s part. I agree there is alot of stress, but that comes with putting on an event one can be proud of. Has Mr. Martin turned his back on the true supporters of fashion in the Indianapolis area? How many struggling designers, muas, hairstylists etc. can afford $125 to attend an event, did Mr. Martin turn his back on those of us out there that support the fashion industry by turning this into a fundraiser for DSI?! I watched the video streams of some of the events and was shocked to see an attendee on Monday night learn he had paid $50 to attend and DSI was offering tickets to the same event for $10 on their website. Lack of some sort of major communication, plus it just makes people look dumb and not credible. Yes, this is Indiana; so what?! We should be able to host an event of credibility in the fashion world. We host the Indy 500, the Final Four, hopefully the Superbowl, Black Expo and we host them with finesse, dignity and grace. Train models, support designers, communicate with those supporting you, treat people with dignity…it’s a great place to start. Has MWFW seen it’s day or does it simply need to be reinvented? We will have to wait and see.

  6. Tim Sims

    OMG was Alfa Blackburn there?! Indy Fashion is just Mouth WaRtering. I hope Helen Wells sent some of her prehistoric Keystone at the Crossing snatches down the runway.


    Nice article Raannt. However be real! you are not Scott Schuman. Those models are not Cindy Crawford and the Designers are trying their best. Yes Midwest fashion week wasn’t the perfect fashion week, nor the perfect way to end a fashion week with a gala /fund raiser. Everyone that attended, 400 plus people knew that, including designers and media . This was not the typical fashion week ending. It was Berny and Sola’s Vision for their MWFW. If Your Not happy, Someone get the guts to create a real one . Criticizing is very easy . I’m personally not happy about it either but give them applauses for at least trying to grow Indianapolis fashion Industry.
    About the show, if you couldn’t see how can you judge the designers and models? It seems that you saw what you wanted to see , you saying the models suck, they didn’t know how to walk, but you highlight Emily as a Model so far above her game that the Indianapolis Industry should be chasing her. Very unfair to all the other Hard working models, it seems to me it was a personal preference.. And Don’t say that a student designer is better than the designers in the show especially if you could not see their work, What about Michael Michelle any words on her line or you didn’t see? Sorry about your seats maybe you should have bought a ticket. This is Indianapolis, If you want the fashion Industry to Grow, maybe you should focus more on the positive and not the negative this is not a NY or LA Market. Give More Than You Receive. If you want to be respected as a reliable media source you should give respect first. “EYE’S OPEN I’M WATCHING”

    • Anonymous

      Johndoe you seem to agree but then you take it back. And you say applaud them for trying? Good! Pleased, and I’m glad theyrentrying. The difference between you and I and this post and the people that agree is that we know they’re trying to become like NYC and LA, and they’re coming short. They’re not doing it the way it should be done. You can watch all you want, as are so many people and it’s odviouse you may have a personal interest with Berny and what’s her face. So just like you said, this isn’t NYC nor LA… But Berny and it’s people are gonna try, it looks like they have to try way way harder next time… He’s cockiness needs to go and he needs to focus on his own line and maybe give room for other designers, or better yet! He should pay like the rest of us who are wanting and are showing… So thank you raannt and you couldn’t get any more real if you wanted to, something this Johndoe can’t do!

    • Do the work

      Please, I didn’t even make it past the first part of your comment. Be more relevant then Cindy Crawford and look up the top models from the past decade. No ones knows the top models of today’s industry and always resort back to the 80’s. When the original bar for “supermodel” was set…to sound like they know something about this business.

  8. Ta'Keisha

    Ok Anonymous, I’m going to have to chime in. You say Berny should “pay like the rest of us” what exactly do you think he should pay for? To participate in his own show? How much sense does that make? He pays for the ENTIRE event. And, NONE of the designers paid to participate this season.


  9. Carol

    Great review and great comments!

  10. stewbot

    Well at least Hyde was fun! Great seeing you two as always

  11. zoe huse

    I have so many Comments I don’t know where to start as someone who has produced numerous Fashion Shows…Rule Number One No matter how much you plan, a Day, a Month, A Year NOTHING Ever happens the way you plan it. I have Never Attended or Put on a Fashion Show that was 100% Perfect.
    I Loved the Runway!!!! I loved the Length, it was the Best Runway I have seen in Indiana.
    I highly disagree that Indiana is not a Fashion Place. Yes there are A lot of Up and Comers including myself but the Talent Here is Numerous. The problem is most people aren’t always looking at the Big Picture but the here and Now! I have seen more FASHION pop up here in the last year then I have in the Last 5 years. Yes We have A Long Way to go, but I feel we are on the right track.
    I really dislike the comment that this is Indiana and we do the best with what we have, its not New York or Milan, Etc. That is not an excuse lack of resources causes us to be more creative and in the end blaming a problem on that is just close minded. If you have the talent it doesn’t matter where you are from or where you are, you can live anywhere!
    I was a Paying guest for the night so I don’t know how everyone else was treated but I would say all in all I enjoyed the fashion show, saw some fashion friends and left. I think the best thing would of been to offer tickets if you just wanted to attend the fashion show, as that has already been addressed.
    One last thing
    I love the local fashion here, some very dear friends as well as very talented. But I think that if its going to be a True Fashion Week we need to bring in more Big Name Designers, lets take a look at Nashville Fashion Week coming next week that is going to have Christian Siriano and Kelly Cutrone just to name a few.

    • let’s keep your comments about MWFW and not take offensive shots at people who comment on this blog. It is comments like those above about Zoe (I have never met Zoe) are so counter productive and just another reason why this town will never be taken seriously in the fashion world.

    • Professionalism

      I am a professional business person, so I am speaking from that perspective. The purpose of this blog is to review MWFW and not to attack those who are commenting. To do so is at a minimum unprofessional. In order to improve, one must be able to review the process to see what worked, what didn’t work and what would you do the next time to make things better. Constructive criticism is good in order to identify areas to change. I think that the review and comments related to areas to improve the show should be well received and used to improve the process. There is a lot of talent in Indiana. In order to grow the fashion industry in Indiana and be recognized everyone should work together as a “team” supporting each other. Teamwork and working toward a common goal is how to succeed! Don’t think along the lines of competition think of cooperation where everyone looks at the bigger picture and works together.

    • Support

      I agree with “Didn’t Go” – Offensive comments such as the ones posted are counterproductive and defeats your cause if you are in the local fashion industry and want to be taken seriously. My hope is that the talent in Indiana will support & encourage each other to become a force to be reckoned with.

  12. pamonn

    Rarely do we comment on our own posts…unless we feel it is necessary to correct the truth. Even though we chose not to include this in our original post, we will address it now since it has come up as an issue. The designers did pay to be in the show because there was a $95 application fee for the designers. The application and information for the designers did not include any indication at all that this was a DSI event. It DID focus on the media attention they would receive. This is all in the application given directly to the designers which is the same application I am looking at currently because we also have a copy. Ta’Keisha, we’re surprised you didn’t know this as the letter to the designers is signed by you.

  13. Ta'Keisha

    You’re right, there was a $95 fee but the designers who did pay either received their money back (checks weren’t cashed) or their checks were voided out. You can ask them. 🙂 Now, I’m soley speaking on the gala show I don’t think there was fee for any of the other shows.

  14. zoe huse

    Uh Andy! Apparently you are too chicken to give you entire name so when you get some balls get back to me! If that is your real name.
    That dress was Redone by Nikki Blaine and I have never been on the worst dressed list so maybe you should check your look and get back to me when you know something about Fashion!

  15. KB

    I was backstage for the events and yes there is some things that need to be worked on and nothing ever goes perfect. Berny he’s wanting to be different, and Im not seeing anyone giving constructive critisism. I think people need to see the positives and the negatives. The two complaints I had was that backstage there was a guy that got on this lady who was press that was eating the food that was for the models and volunteers. The guy was acting like he was better than eveyone else it was ridiculous. The fashion show was a little disorganized, but I know that they will get better as years go on. I believe all in all the fashion show was great and its just what I expected. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Martin and Sola. I give them credit for all their hard work. They are great individuals. I think the models did great; yeah there are some better than others. Practice makes perfect, and people shouldn’t be so quick to judge and find all the negatives. Have an open mind every once in a while 🙂 I also don’t think that Indiana should be like NY fashion week or Milan. Indiana is way different and we should bring more to the table. We should show what Indy is made of 🙂

    Really people if you want to make it in fashion move the f outta indy. lol

  17. Participant

    As a previous model in the MWFW shows. I have a few comments to make myself.

    I give absolute support to Berny Martin for having a vision and trying to make Indianapolis a place on the map for fashion. Being a model in Indy and other surrounding areas, I can say that yes paying jobs for the models and photographers would be a great benefit in general and if fashion comes to Indy GREAT!

    As far as MWFW and being a participant from a models stand point I can address the way models are chosen…..

    The models are NOT paid. It is strictly volunteer basis only and the shots you get from the event are few and far. Models are casted and show up for an audition. Experience preferred but not necessary.

    Models are given two or three eliminations before final models are chosen and then those models are taken through a VERY crash course instructive class on walking. During this time also the designers come in to watch the models walk. Designers choose the models they like that will best fit their designs or look.

    Some of the models have experience some have none. All in all I would say approximately 4 hours are spent with the models on walking and that is crammed all together at the same time and spans during the amount of time the show is planned. So basically Models are chosen, a few weeks to a month later they have an hour meeting and walk through. Closer to the event they have another meeting and walk through and then they are handed a schedule. Models are emailed their assigned designers and dont even know what they are wearing generally until the evening of the event.

    Backstage is organized chaos. Enough said. But they do their best.

    When I walked I was very confused about the fact that the designers were NOT allowed to participate in the show. Many of the designers were very upset at the fact they could not walk out with their designs and personally my opinion is that they should be able to. They work just as hard as the rest of us try to.

    I heard many comments after the show. Some people liked it, Others were confused. Many people wanted more information on the designers. I know at one point I couldn’t even tell them the designers first or last name.

    If MWFW has ANY hope of getting out of this “fundraiser” issue I do agree that they need to do things differently. I am not personally a planner so I will not critique that particular area. I have no business doing so.

    Fashion shows are about the models, the fashion designers and their designs. Period. Anything else involved in a fashion show should be a side note.

    A fundraiser that includes a fashion show should be titled as such. FUNDRAISER. Any mention of fashion show should be under eh lets say “Entertainment” for that nights fundraiser.

    • Ta'Keisha

      Ok, agreed with what you were saying until you got to the part about the designers not being able to walk out with their designs. NOT TRUE. Which designer are you referring to? Some how I ended up backstage for the ENTIRE show (purely accidental) and EVERY designer walked out with their models. Most went out with the models with down syndrome so you lost me there.

  18. PPLREV

    It’s so sad .. one day people will realize who Berny Martin is .. a used car salesman without a pot to piss in who’s only success has been to scam you all into caring about this crap he calls Midwest Fashion Week.

    I think it started off with good intentions but the education and level of professionalism just isn’t there and never will be unless there is a complete overhaul. When the organizers of MWFW finally decide to stop trying to promote themselves and line their pockets and actually care about what the real picture is .. only then it will become successful. Big fish in a small pond is a nice feeling but when you ask for publicity and treat the media badly it becomes the double edged sword that you must defend against at all times.
    Take your beating like you should MWFW and move on .. get better. Seems to be the issue here .. there is always a beating in the small press that it does receive BUT there are never any lessons learned. Always a repeat of the previous year with a little more glitter to mask the incompetencies of the next.

    Sure no one is perfect we all get bad press but this is the only organization that actually helps to air their own dirty laundry in public forums.


  19. pamonn

    We’re committed to the truth. The truth is we have not received one negative comment from someone who hasn’t been personally involved with MWF. If people in Indianapolis are truly wanting to make our city a better place, than social reviews, which would be found in any other city, are a way to learn and improve. This is not our first review of Midwest Fashion Week. We received the same comments before…and nothing has changed. But it was recommended to us that we attend REAL fashion shows in New York before commenting on MFW. So, we took that advice and we have attended national runway shows, met and interviewed designers and models and educated ourselves on the industry because we wanted to improve. We suggest the same. This city will never change unless people are willing to improve what is wrong. Excuses, excuses, excuses. That is all we have heard in the negative comments while people from Indianapolis to Paris today have written us personally thanking us for such an honest review. When Channel 13 and Fox 59, the Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis Monthly and The Recorder are interviewing the President of fashion production company People’s Revolution, Elle and Marie Claire Editor in Chief Nina Garcia, Supermodels such as Velvet D’Amour and fashion photographers such as Mike Ruiz…who are all internationally known, then we’ll take them seriously for their critique. Until then, you should be thanking US for coming to MFW and reviewing it being that we’re trying to bring the same positive attention to Indianapolis. Kurt Vonnegut didn’t ask to be treated as an amateur because he was a writer from Indiana. Bill Blass didn’t ask to be treated any less because he was from Indiana. John Mellencamp and the entire Jackson clan hold their own in the music industry and don’t ask to be graded on a different scale because they’re from Indiana…so why should the fashion industry be any different. The reality is if you have to make excuses, you can’t hold your own. Improve it or get out of the way. Five years is quite enough to get it right. Maybe stop trying to reinvent the wheel. It’s not brain science. It’s a fashion show. By the way, if you want to see a fashion week that is run appropriately check out the websites for either Nashville Fashion Week or Cincinnati Fashion Week. They are both within a few hour’s drive and they obviously have it figured out even though they’re different than New York Fashion Week. We would give constructive criticism if we thought it would be heard. But we’re not teachers. We’re reviewers. It’s always important to know you’re place! Thanks for all the comments it’s been refreshing! And by the way, we WILL continue to write honest reviews and tell it how it is.

  20. Tiff

    As you stated before, in which I full heartedly agree with, fashion shows may be about the models, but they started because of the “media”. Lets not forget the bigger picture….the cause. Being someone who has been a Private Therapist for children with Autism for over 10 years and having volunteered a majority of my time to those with special needs this obviously leaves me flabbergasted with anger. I would have MUCH loved to have been able donate, volunteer, or at the least attend this fundraiser. It is a shame that the “media” was not provided the tools at hand to successfully serve the fundraiser and the community. Unfortunately, the people this cost are those in need, which is why the event took place to begin with. I would like to know what value the “Media” (that were treated better did) provided to positively contribute this charity. Because I am just now hearing about this event due to Peter and Alex and I consider myself to be pretty engaged in the community and charitable events consistantly for past 8 years (as I am up late organizing for a charity event as we speak for tomorrow). Unfortunately, how you treat your “media” regardless ends up costing those who need it the most. Over all, the attention given to this event by Peter and Alex have raised awareness with out negative impact and thats all they could do. I am proud of you guys for not leaving and staying for the better of the cause, that is was makes it truly Mid-West and you two fashionably classy.

  21. Lori

    “You have changed my daughter’s life forever, and ours. Thank you.” This is one of the comments I overheard a mother of one of the models with Down Syndrome telling Sola.

    I realize this is a fashion review, but I wanted to take the time to respond, to just say “thanks” to those reading this blog and commenting on this blog, who gave to DSI either through the tickets, additional donations, kind words, sponsorship or who “told the story” of DSI. As a board member of Down Syndrome Indiana, I appreciate the hard work and efforts of the models, the designers, the staff at DSI and particularly Berny and Sola. All gave their time and energy to bridge fashion and Down Syndrome Indiana – even when they knew it wouldn’t be the “normal” way of doing things.

    For those who did not know it was a fundraiser, we apologize. We thought that by putting DSI (Down Syndrome Indiana) Our Time to Shine Fashion Gala as the title, we were letting it be known this was an fundraiser. Thank you for your comments, we need to do a better job of articulating that in the future, given those who would not wish to participate.

    I cannot thank the models and designers enough for the way they treated our self advocate models with Down Syndrome. They really helped them know and BELIEVE there was more to beauty than what is seen or what is worn. I realize that this isn’t the “usual” way people look at fashion, and I am grateful that those who are not involved in fashion, but now are interested, had the opportunity to experience the talent and passion in the industry.

    Sola and Berny worked extremely hard – as did their staff, the DSI staff and board, volunteers, designers, etc. and I would like to say “thank you”. Sola and Berny were always conscious of our community and were passionate about including us. I realize this is a different spin, and from the sounds of it, one that isn’t terribly accepted in the industry. I have a tremendous amount of respect for them. Every event has its ups and downs and good criticism will be taken very seriously to improve or change future events. Definitely a good learning experience. We’ve had an overwhelming positive response as well, so we can take the good and the bad and continue to improve.

    With very little assistance or resources, I am proud of those who worked so hard, who pushed the envelope and who gave the majority of the attendees the opportunity to see that fashion can bring awareness to other causes and support communities it serves. I am sure that everyone reading this blog feels the same.

    Thank you to all those who attended, and who took the time to invite DSI into your hearts – if only for an evening or the week. We truly appreciate it.

  22. pamonn

    Ta’Keisha…we were referring to the fact that several of the designers walked out in front of their models not after. This is not traditional. Thank you Lori for your kind words about how Midwest Fashion Week benefited Indiana Down Syndrome Association. I don’t think anyone would deny the event was a nice event to raise money for your organization, but, if you’d like us to do our job as reviewers, the event itself raises some very serious questions about the fundraising techniques used. For example, all week the admission price of a ticket was $125 but the day of that price dropped to 2 for 1 admission. We have a copy of this information if you’re interested. That, in itself, makes the charity fundraiser look bad in the eyes of the community, especially when you’re denying admission to people based on price and then later scrutinize certain media, such as ourselves, for eating the food for the models. I’m happy to hear that so many people are supportive of Berny and Sola because that is not what we’ve been hearing from some very prominent people in town. But for those that believe they are so classy and professional, here is the comment, which has since been taken down, they put up on the Midwest Fashion Week Facebook page as their status, “To the “real press”, thanks for coming. Thanks for enjoying the show and your meal :). Thanks for commenting on the fashion show and noticing our models with Down Syndrome. Thanks for coming to do your work and for leaving your ego at home.” Very nice. Very classy. These are definitely people I would want to get involved with if I was a board member on a very, important organization here in Indy. We have, again, been attacked for telling the truth about how things were experienced. We specifically chose NOT to include certain information which would be damaging personally to people because that was not the point of the review. But we could do exactly that…we do have that kind of information. We didn’t include the fact that several media were given tickets for free to sit on the floor and enjoy their meal while we sat upstairs and then later were accused of eating the model’s food. We know this because we talked to them directly and we asked them if they payed for their tickets. Why were they treated any different? We didn’t say that we witnessed Berny, Sola and the rest of the organizers at the after party, those who are SO concerned about fashion in Indy, pay almost no attention to Althea Harper. We know this because we spent almost the entire evening with her. The reality is people are either pissed or elated because we wrote an honest review. And anyone who knows us knows we would have written an honest review even if we had sat in the ballroom. Or maybe you just don’t take us that seriously. Well, after having been asked to be guests at several national fashion weeks as a result of writing this review and other interviews we’ve done, maybe you might want to consider taking us a little more seriously. Or just sit back and continue to scratch each other’s backs, it makes no difference to us.

  23. Wow! I “attended” via the streaming video. I turned it off during the fundraiser, and just caught the runway show, which was ideal. I parked my butt on the couch, had some wine and enjoyed. Yes, it was a fundraiser with fashion tacked on the end. But I thought the production quality improved immensely from last time, the designers were all strong, and overall I was happy with it. I did feel that the DS models took me right back out of the fashion show back to fundraiser, it was a bit jarring. Some of them did really well, though, considering they aren’t models. My main problem is, as a designer: what would that show do for me? Probably nothing. It was just entertainment, unfortunately. *shrug* It’s a work in progress.

  24. Thanks for all the support and hardwork everyone! MFW strives very hard to promote awareness and appreciation for human beings from all walks of life. Fashion is very important to me, respect for life is paramount though. I personally accept responsibility for all of the shortcomings and confusion for this years event. I cannot tolerate people taking shots at other people. Please direct all negativity towards Berny Martin, that is my job. As you can see the bulk of my work begins when the event ends. First I give thanks for the opportunity then I pray everyone gets home safely. I spend the next month or so gathering feedback so I can improve for next time. It was clear to me that Ian Stikeleather should have more dealings with the press and that I could have used a better ticketing strategy. There were so many wonderful people in attendance that I could have spent most of the evening paying them their due respect. Luckily most of those people were there to pay respect to the cause. I like to think that the money we raised was for a good cause and that next time we can raise more money. I will do a better job of being clear that MFW is fashion with a purpose. Please continue to come out and support, Indianapolis is a great city and we have no reason to measure our greatness based on anything outside of ourselves.
    – B. Martin

    P.S. Thank you Raannt for providing a forum where people can be honest, and thanks for coming!

  25. Ta'Keisha

    Oh ok, gotcha!

    I have to give another correction. The ticket price dropped down to 2 for $125 about two weeks before the show. I think you had to go through the DSI page or either the midwest fashion week page. It was all over twitter and facebook.

    When the tickets first went on sale they were only going to do it for a week but at the fitting we did for the children’s fashion show we asked if they would extend that price for another week. I don’t think they ever changed the price back after that.

    I hate that I didn’t get to talk to Althea, I didn’t realize she was who she was until it was too late. 😦

  26. just wondering why the ticket prices dropped two weeks prior…obviously they weren’t selling. If they were, were the people who purchased the tickets at full price offered a refund, also was there a tax write off for the cost of the ticket to a charity event? TaKeisha props to you for taking on the brunt of the questions. Also, go back and watch Amy Beers video of the show at Lucas Oil where she questions the discrepancy in ticket price for that evening…some paid $50 and some paid $10…DSI wanted to make it more affordable for their families; totally understandable but shouldn’t those things be ironed out before going to press.

    • Ta'Keisha

      Didn’t Go,

      I’m honestly not sure why the price of the tickets dropped. I don’t want to speculate and then have someone say I was giving out false information.

  27. M Renee

    Flames…flames flames….down down down….who ever said bad press is better than no press….is choking on his chicken sandwich.

  28. pamonn

    It has come to our attention that several comments by people other than ourselves have become intentionally cruel. Our purpose for raannt has always been to entertain, inform and educate. We have not edited the comments because we wanted everyone to see that we our not afraid to expose the truth and we wanted readers to have a forum for discussion. Unfortunately, we are unwilling to allow these negative comments that may be hurtful or cause emotional damage. We hold to the fact that we have never printed anything that is false and we have the factual evidence to back up these points. We have not attacked anyone’s personal character and we have not lied. Tonight, we have made a conscience decision that from this point on we will be editing the submitted comments and will not be posting any comments that have cruel intent towards someone…other than ourselves. Any comments written about us will be allowed to be posted. If you read comments that are directed at you and you feel we have not removed them appropriately, please notify us and we will do our best to meet your needs. Even though we have made a commitment in the last few weeks to continue to expose the truth to help our community of Indianapolis and our world community become a better place, we hope our readers may have the opportunity to see us not as shit-stirring ego-maniacs but instead fun loving, laughter driven friends who are trying to educate, inform and entertain. Peace, love and SEXINESS…Peter and Alex…the boys of raannt

  29. Too Funny

    This whole thing is too funny. I just wasted 10 minutes of my life reading this “blog”, thats right “BLOG”. A BLOG is a social media outlet. I have a Facebook account, can I get in for free, or get a special pass to…everything?

    Now that I am “media” because I am responding to this “blog”, let me put in my uneducated, unsubstantiated personal thoughts on RAANT’s , kinda like they did for MWFW.

    I have seen you guys at lots of events, and I always kind of chuckle that you consider yourselves some kind of Indy VIPs. I am sooo sorry that MWFW did not pull out all the stops for you guys. I mean, it should have been national news that RAANT would be there to get info for their “blog”. You guys are nobody, do I need to say it again?

    It was really funny when you said “Hmmm…do you know who we are or how we live? Trust us, we can more than afford to buy tickets to any event we choose to support.”—-Nope, I have no idea who you are, or how you live. Neither does anybody else, nor do they care….If you need to borrow $50, let me know I can spot ya.

    People worked hard to put together a fundraiser and a fashion show in coordination with each other. I am confident the last thing they were worried about accomodating was you, an Indy “D” lister at best. I mean even I got the invite and free passes for the Ruth Chris catered dinner party prior to the show.

    I have now wasted 20 minutes of my life on you, and those kids in the media area standing in front of you were mine, I told them to stand there on purpose. Don’t you know who my kids are???

    PS: I just bought the rights to your domain.

  30. pamonn

    RE: Too Funny…Thank you for your comments. They made us laugh as well. First of all, like we have said before, we are committed to the truth, unlike yourself. If you aren’t busy enough in your “career” that you sit around and make up lies, well, more power to you. The reality is, you should know about blogging, because you have your own blog for your business. You stated that the children in front of us were your children and you had them stand there. Actually, we all know those weren’t your children. You don’t have any children. Neither does your wife. But you do have a dog who we hear is quite adorable. If you received “free passes” than you are implicating that Berny Martin or Sola Adelowo, the producers of the show gave out free passes, which is contrary to what they have stated. This would imply an even bigger issue with the organizers of MFW because it would mean they were giving out free passes to a charity event. We have decided to believe the organizers of MFW on this one. It took us exactly five minutes to find out everything we needed to know about you, so we obviously have some connections in this town. And furthermore, you state that you have seen us at several events before. After looking at several of your pictures, we can’t remember one incident where we have seen you or your wife. If we’re that important to you that you took the time to write this response we’re obviously renting some space in your head for free. If you really want to know us that bad, just come up and introduce yourself to us. We’re really not that bad. Otherwise, stick to what you know. Adjustments.
    P.S. If you supposedly bought our domain you wasted money on the wrong space because we own and have owned since the beginning of our venture. But, we wish you the best with, which is apparently what you bought since you couldn’t spell it correctly once in your comment. And once again, we have not attacked anyone, as you have, we have simply stated the truth.
    Heiwa…Peter and Alex…the boys of raannt

  31. Lori

    I also do not feel that being a blogger entitles you to a media pass or any sort of special treatment. This is where the internet world and the real world collide unfavorably for those with an inflated internet persona. Internet fame doesn’t always translate to real life. I say, buy a ticket like everyone else.

    Also, if you felt you were being treated unfairly….I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just walk back downstairs and speak up. I suppose you didn’t because staying upstairs and whining about it is great material for a rant on 🙂 It seemed you were looking for things to complain about. Is this usually the material that you use for your site? Sounds miserable.

    I do, however, agree with you on the fact the MWFW has a long way to go. Almost everyone who participates is unpaid….and unfortunately a lot of local talent is unwilling to donate so much time or personal expense to the event. That’s probably why the student show went so smoothly, because students are passionate without pay. They most likely invested a lot of time into the planning of the show.

    I also suggest that if you have helpful suggestions, you should find out how to get involved and make changes. Hell, create your own fashion week! It’s gotta be more satisfying that complaining….am I right?

  32. I thought the show was great and benefited DSI. I applaud them. It’s not easy putting on one show not to mention a whole week.

    FYI: Been working with Althea Harper for several months and she’ll be back in Indy on June 4th for IFT [Indy Fashion Time] to do a workshop and be a guest judge for the fashion competition. So if you missed her, check her out then!

  33. I just can’t be silent when I know what I know guys. Sorry.

    I really want to just say, that some of this MIGHT (I don’t know) stem from press packets being turned in late. Yes, I hate to put it out there, but ya’ll know ya’ll (The Boys @ Raannt) were very late with trying to turn in your press packets. When I was contacted 2 days before that start of MWFW’s Monday event , asking for help getting into Mondays event. I just knew you guys wouldn’t be able to get good seats for the main show. This is probably still no excuse for how you were treated, but I definitely think that with all there is to do, taking care of last minute press additions can fall to the wayside.

    Well… obviously (Antoine Dodson voice) “It’s hard to be classy when your baby MWFW is being put down from afar, in an open forum, where so many people will or won’t use their real names.” I for one hope that I could be as classy as Bernie Martin was with his reply. In full disclosure (cuz I know the boys @ Raannt know) , I will explain that I was the DJ at the Lucas Oil event, and have done a lot of the MWFW events in the past. As some of you don’t know, my house was robbed two hours before the setup time for the event on that Monday. Yet, due to me knowing about the nature of the show being a fundraiser with a runway, I choose not to make my robbery an issue or distraction publicly to Bernie nor anyone else who was a part of MWFW.

    I still had all the MWFW music ready, so I didn’t freak out. I just talked to other DJ’s and got the equipment I needed. This just goes to show that no matter what you plan for, for a fashion show – ish happens.

    I’ve never been robbed like that in my life!! If not for my good friend, DJ Uzo loaning me his laptop – because my laptop was probably already sold on Ebay to some kid in Korea there probably wouldn’t have been music for the show. AND

    The bottom line is that the show went on bitches, and it was amazing – lets face it, “I was amazing” despite having my ish stolen. Haters can’t stop Iron Lion. (smile) Okay, I’m silly.

  34. Say what?

    “Never make negative comments or spread rumors about anyone. It depreciates their reputation and yours.” Are you a critic, reporter, or simply a blogger who needed the ego boost of VIP treatment.

  35. This was my first time experiencing MFW even though ive heard many things about it, both good & bad, so I was excited to attend. As the Fashion Image Director of Couture Living Magazine & a free lance stylist I have some feedback & or suggestions to possibly improve MFW. I think there should be if not already someone is specifically & only handles PR, Press & Media for the week. IE sending out press releases, inviting local, surrounding Midwest publications & national ones to the week. That person would make sure the press & media are seated properly & have access to interview the designers & models backstage if necessary or feasible with spacing. Being from NY & wanting to move back has no bias on my opinion of the week however the possibilities are endless on improving if that’s what the creators want. Since it’s MFW & not Indy fashion week why not have a week filled with several designers from the surrounding Midwest participate on all different nights if possibly. Whether their designers, artists or stylists. Since you all don’t want to mimick another city & have things that are unique then do that & mayb have a stylist showcase where local & surrounding Midwest stylists showcase a collection of looks they’ve styled from either boutiques or designers. When I was in St Louis for their Fashion Week back in September that had an event at the mall where Neiman Marcus had a Fashion Night out & prior to their show starting it was a huge show which included about 15-20 stores in the mall where they all had a segment for their clothes. There was also a show on another night that combined designers & boutiques which took place at a nice venue outside, weather permitting, that could be an option for MFW. With all the aspiring models here in Indy why is there a limitted amount of models to use? I’ve been told that the same models seemed to be used especially the minority ones. I think diversity is a must & being open to up & coming talent with fresh ideas or a different perspective might help when planning the week. It seems like here & maybe everywhere everyone has their clicks & since no one wants to let others in their “circles” you may not be aware of other talent or viable resources outside that circle if people aren’t open to them. Better advertising of the week & model casting should be done bc a lot of people had NO idea that MFW was even going on, had passed or models had been cast so that’s where a good relationship with the media both traditional & bloggers helps to endorse the week’s events. If more designers, stylists, MUAs, hairstylist & models were involved then it would help w/ advertising via social networking, word of mouth & family supporting them by coming to the shows. Last but certainly not least with organizations such as MFW & IFC established to grow the fashion community here I wonder how they plan on doing that when it seems extremly exclusive from an outsider looking in. I understand wanting to set a standard or raising the bar in all aspects of fashion here so that nationally & internationally Indy or MFW will be taken seriously. However when it seems as though only an elitist group can even participate or be involved it doesn’t seem to live up to it’s mission. The fashion community here is diverse & has a broad range of talents so why not utilize that to the fullest by exposing them during the week. I felt like a ton of talent could’ve been show cased during a fashion week. I understand Indy doesn’t have as many people or designers to have hundreds of shows in it’s week but it seems like it could be truly bigger & greater if the opporunity is available to more who wish to be apart of the week. That’s just my little 22 cents Yours In Fashion Stylist DaNisha Greene

  36. Ta'Keisha


    Speaking solely on the models for the show, the casting calls were advertised on several different web pages. I personally sent out messages to all of the models that are on the “indiana models” facebook page that I created.

    There are certain “models” that we won’t use for whatever reason so that limits the amount of models that we have to choose from. A lot of the “models” here are really short and we just won’t use them. There’s one that’s really great which is why she’s selected, she’s a designer favorite so as long as she’s here we’ll use her.

    For the models that didn’t know about the show, they’ll have to get more active in the fashion scene here in Indy because we had loooots of people come for our casting call.


  37. Model Valenese B

    As a model in Indianapolis that has worked with various designers,mua’s, stylists, (both hair and fashion) and photographers; I didn’t see not ONE casting anywhere! I’m very active in the fashion world and I’m friends with quite few people on facebook that were involved and even over MWFW. I even sent a message to Mr. Martin on facebook asking where I could find a list of casting calls.

    I’m also 5’7 🙂

  38. pamonn

    Here’s to all of our amazing comments…1. We are reviewers therefore we experience something and reviewer from our perspective. To say “start your own fashion week or have your own fashion show” makes you look like an idiot. It would be like saying to a restaurant reviewer “start your own restaurant if you don’t like the food”. Idiots. 2. Anyone who refers to Cindy Crawford and Scott Schuman in the same sentence is talented in one area…using Google as a search engine. They have absolutely nothing to do with each other. BUT…let’s talk about Scott Schuman for a second. He started and writes The Sartorialist blog which Time magazine named as one of the most influential forces in design. He started six years ago in 2005. Susanna Lau who runs the blog Style Bubble is given front row seats to Chanel and any other fashion show she desires. Bryan Boy from the blog is flown by the designers to international fashion shows and has bag named after him by Marc Jacobs. The Huffington Post, Perez Hilton, Mashable and TMZ are all blogs which are taken seriously that were laughed at and criticized in their beginning stages. They are now million dollar businesses and whether people like it or not, a major source and impact on social culture internationally. Perez Hilton receives 9,000,000 unique views a month. He started his blog in 2005. His first blog, PageSixSixSix was voted in that same year as Hollywood’s Most Hated Website by The Insider. Our numbers range from 40-100,000 a month after one and a half years. We also write a column on Indyscene, The Bilerico Project, have a spot on a radio show and have a youtube following. We’re still small but we’re growing. We won’t go on and on and tell you all that we do nationally, but needless to say, our following isn’t in Indianapolis, but more on a national level and we are recognized outside of Indianapolis. On the East and West coasts, bloggers are taken very seriously and considered a serious media outlet. At fashion shows, they are given sometimes better seats than journalists and recently it has been shown statistically that bloggers are taken more seriously than editors of major magazines, which is why most celebrities, fashion critics, editors, etc have their own blog on their websites. Blogs are the wave of the future. Blogs are where the power exists. Get with the program…you look like an idiot to imply we aren’t media. Idiots. 3. All of these negative comments we have received are by people who are directly related to Midwest Fashion Week, participated in MFW or are friends with people in MFW. Or possibly people who are kissing the wrong ass in this town. Why people think we have some personal vendetta against Berny is a joke. We’ve known Berny for a few years and get along well with him. We went to the show and we reviewed it. Simply. We were honest with our review. We aren’t egomaniacs and we aren’t arrogant. If you know us, you know that to be true. People all over town run blogs or social outlets and brag about themselves endlessly or hold their own autograph parties, but we write the truth and the whole town freaks out…because you know we’re right. Why haven’t you figured out yet that we don’t care. We have nothing to lose and we’re going to continue to expose the truth. We aren’t out to get anyone but if you attack us make sure your track is clear or we will expose it. We even have tried to mend fences with the people in past posts who we listed as attacking our site and invited them to work things out. Nothing. We’ve heard nothing. So don’t talk to us about who’s mean and who’s right and who’s wrong. You just can’t handle the truth. 4. Joseph and anyone else who commented about us getting press passes and seats lets set something straight. No offense, but know your shit. We didn’t turn in our press packets late because we never received press passes. We emailed Berny and Sola emailed us back saying media passes would be waiting for us. We weren’t given any other details. We weren’t given the opportunity to know what this means or buy tickets. Furthermore, we don’t give a shit. The reality is, no matter how bad people want to ignore it, it was a poorly planned event. No one…NO ONE criticizes charity fundraisers. Of course you all think it’s the cat’s meow because it raised money. Isn’t that the point. But the reality is that there were tons of empty seats. We know seats were being held for Christy Pastore and her husband when their names were crossed off on a media list. Seats being held for people that the organizers knew weren’t attending. In fact, they didn’t even know this until they were informed several days ago. So many conflicting stories. We never bashed anyone, as has happened to us, we just told the truth. You want to see ego, you’re about to have it thrown in your faces. And Joseph we love you man so stay out of this one. Seriously, we couldn’t get seats, or even told at the event that we would have to buy them when there were tons of empty seats? Whoever John Doe whatever said about 400 people attending??? Where…400 people who. Are you kidding? Maybe with everyone working the event. We were directed upstairs where the “media” were being held. Here was the media…raannt, Fashion Wrap Up and a woman from a website in New York City. Period. Where was everyone else? Were they ALL informed to buy tickets and we were the only ones not given the chance. In both of our posts about improving Indy everyone has stood behind the crap that is allowed to go on. This city will never improve because YOU enable it to continue to be crap. 5.)Reviewer: definition…a person who reports and analyzes events. Enough said. Quit being idiots. 6.)We’ve heard more about the models and how they were picked than you ever want us to report…trust us. But to tell a model they need to get more active in the fashion world of Indy is a complete joke. It validates everything DaNisha said about the cliques in this town. By the way, DaNisha, our new friend from this week, was point on with her suggestions for MFW. 7. Lori, Do you read our blog? We aren’t complainers. We interview people and we write reviews. Our review wasn’t a complaint, it was a statement of fact. And here’s the real statement of fact. We at raannt hope you all LOVE the condition of MFW and want it to be the same year after year after year…because by validating how truly wonderful it is, it will never change. We wish Berny the best and deep down he knows we wish him no ill harm. He knows we’re honest guys just having a good time. We congratulated him after his show. 8.)Why some people in Indy have it out for us is beyond us. We don’t criticize anyone’s character although we are constantly criticized. We take it on the chin. You don’t sign your real names or email addresses because you’re afraid. Those that did, Bravo, we take your comments seriously. We aren’t going anywhere. We’re staying right here and in fact we’re just getting stronger every day. We love Indy. Hell, we’ve lived here longer than most of you. And we’ll continue to challenge it to get better. We have more power than you give us credit. We could use it poorly but we use it too improve things. In spite of everything that people say and harsh our critics are, whenever we’re asked for a favor or asked to promote something we always do for the betterment of the city. You’d be amazed if you knew all the things we know about people in this town. And we keep it very close because we don’t want people hurt as a result of that information. But you’re making that difficult. One of the biggest jokes of the charity fundraiser for DSI/MFW was right in front of your faces and you’re all too slow to even see it. But it wasn’t missed by us. You give us way too much credit for being sappy mean girls who just sit around and tell each other how sexy we are all day long. We’re a little more shrewd than that. We’re a little wiser, a little more calculating and definitely a little more kind. Try it…it’s not a bad feeling! Have fun at MFW in October…we’ll be reviewing the Clogfest in Cloverdale…

  39. Ta'Keisha

    Valeense, I’m not sure what page you emailed Berny on but he rarely, if ever checks those messages. I posted the casting call on one of his pages but like I said, it was on the Indiana Models page so maybe you should join that. There are a lot of casting calls posted on that page not just by me but other people as well. It was also on both my personal mfw page but I’m almost certain we’re not friends on facebook. A lot of models come to our casting call, they don’t get picked but they keep coming back so I’m not sure how you missed the casting. We had AT LEAST 3 castings but I’m thinking it was more like 4 or 5. I even posted the casting on model mayhem and twitter and on the ifc page i believe. Other people involved in fashion reposted my status on their page so anyone who missed it couldn’t have been looking too hard.

    My comment about being more active in the fashion community had nothing at all to do with cliques. If you want to be a model and don’t know anyone involved in fashion chances are you’re going to miss casting calls.

    Any “model” who wants to add me on facebook can do so by searching for me using my email or you can just add Indiana Models page.

    Guys, hugs and kisses thanks for reviewing the show! You two rock, keep doing what you do! At this point I’m done with my comments, any further questions or comments to me directly can be addressed on my facebook or through email.

    See you on the runway,

  40. fortlauderdale

    You are either media OR you are VIP. You can’t expect, much less demand, “VIP treatment” if you are media. Your “review” shows you see no difference between the two.

    It is true some media personnel get higher levels of access to certain events. This typically happens when someone wields especially high influence. Since you don’t have a large audience, you received the access that was appropriate. You are not entitled to gourmet meals or front-row seats simply because you are media.

    In addition, your review is almost completely about you and the treatment you received. When you do mention the event, it is only to put it down. It’s reasonable to assume that your take on the event might have been biased by what your believe to have been maltreatment on the part of the organizers. That makes your reporting unreliable in the extreme.

    Finally, if there was confusion surrounding whether or not you were there to attend as media or as part of the fundraiser, it is your responsibility and your responsibility alone to clear up those details prior to attending. It’s up to you to tell them why you are there. The organizers have other things to do; they are certainly not focused on you.

    And if, despite all your efforts, you were unable as a result of the organizers’ ineptitude to get a proper feel for the event, or were unable to put your own personal feelings aside as a result, as professionals, you needed to not write anything.

    You are not special. Take a deep breath, get over yourselves and decide what your purpose really is.

  41. Model Valenese B

    We aren’t friends on facebook and I’ve sent you a request from both my personal and business page. After seeing this I did join Indiana Models but if I would not have seen this, I’m sure I would never known about that either since we aren’t friends on facebook. I looked hard enough that isn’t the issue at all, but there is always next year!!

  42. pamonn

    RE: Fort Lauderdale. You are both ignorant and ill informed, as well as apparently having some reading deficiency. NOT ONCE in our review did we ever mention we were VIP. NOT ONCE. Furthermore, NOT ONCE did we ask for any special treatment more than any of the other media that came to this event. If you can’t handle the fucking truth don’t read our blog. Period. We know for a FACT that some media didn’t pay for their ticket. Margaret Medley who was at the event representing Channel 13 told us she walked in late, sat at a table for Channel 13 and did not pay for a ticket. We specifically asked her if Channel 13 paid for a ticket and she said no. Now, she may have not known the specifics of the issue and possibly they did buy a ticket, but we doubt it. Especially after we were told by the organizers that several of the seats in the dining area were being held for media, even though sentences prior we were told that media were not able to sit in the dining room per the ballroom. Look, we could actually gives a rat’s ass about Midwest Fashion Week. We hope they did raise money for Indiana Down Syndrome Association. In all of the comments we have received we have NOT ONCE been asked if we made a donation after the event and no one has contacted us, even though we printed in our post that we were prepared to make a rather substantial donation. After today, we have taken that money and donated it to an anti-bullying organization we fully support. Read the comments. Read what people have said about us. Then read the review again. NOT ONCE did we talk negatively about anyone or trash anyone. We didn’t call anyone names and we didn’t put your names out there even though we have several e-mail addresses. To those that have written those nasty comments, you are no better than high school bullies pushing kids towards suicide…and we refuse to be part of it. None of you even had the balls to come up to us and confront us to our faces about your ridiculous issues. To correct you Fort Lauderdale…we do have a large audience, so piss off and get out. As we said in a previous blog post, if you don’t like it, don’t fucking read it. This whole issue is absolutely disgusting to us and shows us EXACTLY what the majority of people in the fashion industry in Indianapolis feel, think and how they act. You are ridiculous and petty and we want no part of it. Continue to stay huddled together and thrash nasty comments all over the internet while none of you have the balls to sign your names. We never said we didn’t get treated well as “VIP media”…we were implying we weren’t treated well as humans. And we still aren’t. And…if we find out who has written these comments further endorsing bullying, we will put a stop to it and expose you! It is ridiculous that in two separate situations we have exposed the truth, not hurt anyone’s character and we have been viciously attacked in return. You want us to start really exposing the truth…just get ready!

  43. I thought about going to Midwest Fashion Week, but I didn’t want to pay the money and figured (probably rightly) that it would be a waste of my time. I have been to one fashion show in Indianapolis, and it was terrible. The models couldn’t walk, and one of the designers told the models to walk in this really strange manner, where they would stop after every step. It didn’t make any sense. The cloths were tacky and poorly constructed, so it really turned me off of fashion designers and fashion shows in Indy.

    I get that we’re in Indiana, but I don’t see why people who love fashion and have good taste can’t put on a decent show, even if that means saying no to some designers who are not any good.

    And I am always curious as to why a designer would design and sell in the midwest. The midwest IS NOT a fashion capitol. I don’t know if it ever will be…

  44. Anonymous

    “A plus-sized model is a size 8-12, unless there is a purpose for bigger girls.”

    A size 8 is not plus… The average American woman is a size 14. And there is a “purpose” for “bigger girls.” It’s called a designer being smart and showing women who will purchase those clothes (size 10-24) what the clothes might look like on them. I don’t know about other women, but when I watch a size 2 walk down the runway looking AMAZING (because, let’s face it, they really do always look amazing), how the heck am I supposed to know what my curves look like in that outfit? You should really think of how courageous those plus-sized girls are to get up there in front of hundreds of people and own up to their curves. You may think we “bigger girls” don’t serve a “purpose,” but we’re beautiful, too.

  45. Concerned Fashion Lover

    I’m disappointed that you all didn’t write a review on the latest Mess of a “Fashion” Week. lol I thought I could come here and see some reviews, just looked at the pictures and wasn’t very impressed but….

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