To Japan With Love…

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6 responses to “To Japan With Love…

  1. Great post guys… It saddens me that someone said “what did japan do for us?” I went to Japan 2 yrs ago, and I’ve never met people who were nicer than the Japanese. As much as I love Europe and traveling to other countries, you become very aware that Americans are sometimes looked down upon for our different social norms. In Japan, while our social norms are totally different, they are extremely helpful, patient and kind! Japanese people love Americans (at least from my observations). If we should support any country, it’s Japan, especially NOW!

  2. Great post guys! I lived in Hawaii for about a year and most of the locals refer to Honolulu as “Little Tokyo”. There is a huge Japanese population living in Hawaii (about 32%)! I have several friends that live in Honolulu that I had to email and reach out to the day the earthquake rocked Japan, luckily they were all safe! It was so amazing to live in Hawaii. I had the chance to learn the “Pidgen” language and meet so many amazing people from other cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Everyday was an adventure. Just as Maggie said above the Japanese love Americans. I remember going to several homes while living there and having to take my shoes off and actively participate in rituals and traditions of the Japanese culture. They are a wonderful and warm people. Thank you for bringing attention to this tragedy in a way that makes us all feel a bit closer.

  3. We are all the same inside, all gods children… sometimes people live in their own little world and never think that something like this could happen to them.
    I feel so sad for the people of Japan going through this devastation, i will say prayers for them. thank you for the post guys.

  4. Well written per usual! A 2009 Carmel High School grad has started, asking for donations of canned foods, blankets, clothes, etc.

    Also love the pics w/Kaitlyn!

  5. Desiree`

    Great job! Love you guys! xoxo

  6. Nice post! I’ll come back often…

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