MYA Confesses Why Love is the Answer!

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6 responses to “MYA Confesses Why Love is the Answer!

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  2. What a wonderful interview! I love that she said she learned “it takes two to tango on DWTS”! Chicago is such an incredible film and to be able to dance, sing and act with Catherine Zeta Jones, Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger must have been thrilling for her! Plus the movie won an Oscar! What’s a Topstick she says that would be something we would find in her purse?

    XO – Christy

  3. Manaja Trwah

    I looooooove Mya! Waiting for her album with breath that is bated. ❤

  4. Said

    Mya you are the best,,,,i love you,,,great interwie,,,,,es la mas sencilla y agradable q puede ser alguien,,,,

  5. Smooth918

    This is a great interview to one of the most underrated person in the Business, Luv U Mya, now if only we could replicate your genuine true Love of Life and people in general. It’s just amazing that you’re still so grounded, a serious example of Humility.

  6. Lance


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