Chris Stedman…Just A Little Above Average

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2 responses to “Chris Stedman…Just A Little Above Average

  1. Isabel Tifft

    I loved Chris’s answer to the question of “If God exists..”. This is probably what makes me keep paying attention to him: his unceasing honesty, open-ness, and intellectual humility. I grew up in an old Ivy League family so the combination of considerable intellectual gifts and resonant intellectual humility is almost completely outside my experience. But, without humility, true intellectual integrity is impossible — as thoughts and information and lives evolve, sooner or later you have to choose whether to be “correct” (within your field’s paradigms) or be true (a more subtle and demanding goal.) Stedman’s labile life story — in 23 short years — is one good example of this.

    And hell, if I were a guy, I’d dress like James Franco and throw myself at his feet. I mean, I might have to ask my wife’s permission first, but most couples have a “celebrity list,” right?

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