Lauren Conrad…Dancing Humbly Under a Paper Crown!

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14 responses to “Lauren Conrad…Dancing Humbly Under a Paper Crown!

  1. What a driven young woman! Never had a desire to read her books now I cannot wait!

    Great interview!

    Xo – Christy

  2. "Bizzle" :)

    Lauren Conrad is a FABULOUS role model! It was so great to see her here at Raant!!! Keep up the good work!!

  3. Good stuff, boys! I watched her on The Hills and then in The City. She always seemed to be very pleasant. Hadn’t realized she had been writing books and also 2 lines of clothing. Good to see!

  4. Her sexiest beach and designers are spot on 😉 Beautiful and so accomplished…what a lovely young woman.

  5. julia

    omgg i agree withh u tha tha sexiest cityy is Parisss even tho ive never been theree lol bt somedayy i will hehe nd same withh caboo lol nd yess dats thaa best deffinition 4 sexyy confident and comfortable in your own skin. lovee yuu lauren♥

  6. julia

    ur myy inspiration!<3

  7. Thank you for this lovely interview. Keep up the good work, both Lauren and raannt!

  8. nana

    i love and adore her , i am a big fun , i have finished reading la candy though its late i bought sugar and spice and am waiting for my sweet little lies to be delivered. xxxx keep doing you lauren!!!

  9. emma

    Dearest Lauren! First I would like to say that you are very beautiful and I love your personality, you stand for what you think is right and in that way many girls including myself looks up to you! thanks for that! Now to my question: are you going to sell your line in other countries? / love from Emma in Sweden. ( I don’t know if Lauren is going to read this but I would be thankful for some answer) excuse me for my bad english! 🙂

  10. ashlea

    Ohhh I love her!!!she is my idol, am in the army ,but wish I was like her sometimes!! She a normal down to earth girl which I love! Well done to lauren she achived things I would love to achive! Xoxo

  11. much deserved success!

  12. RuthAnn

    I, like Christy who commented above, have never read any of Lauren’s books. However, as I read through this interview, it made me want to read all of them…including the next one she is working on! Thank you for the interview. It’s so refreshing to finally see a super star whom our children can, and SHOULD, look up to…Thank you for sharing the interview, and thank you Lauren for not allowing fame to ruin you! … I know your parents are VERY proud of you!

  13. Amanda

    how much of laguna beach and the hills is real? the friends? the situations? the events?

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