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True Blood Would Not Exist Without Charlaine Harris!

We Have Moved this Article to our new site click the image to read!



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You like us…you really like us!!!


Just like Sally Field, who in winning her Academy Award stated, “You like me, you really like me!”, we’d like to thank all of our readers and fans for our recent awards…

The boys of raannt won the Humor category in the Linking Indiana’s Favorite Blog Contest and also came in third for overall best blog!

We also ranked #23 in the Top 50 Best Content Blogs in Indiana…

All of this in less than only five months!!! Thanks folks!!!

Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

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Help!!! This takes two seconds literally! Help us win or at least get close…hit the link, vote for raannt…go on about your day!
Top 50 Indiana Blogs!


Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

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So We’ll Probably Never Win An Oscar!!!


But…we might win two local contests if you guys help us out…we want to be the coolest kids in town!!! The first link below is for the contest The Top 50 Blogs in Indiana! Please help us win. It literally takes two seconds. All you have to do is go to the link and hit vote(for raannt of course!)

The second contest is the one we mentioned before…The Linking Indiana’s Best Blog…raannt is already doing well but we still need help. It only takes about 5 minutes to vote. First you go to the link, register, sign back in and vote for raannt.

If you’d like to be REALLY, REALLY nice, tell all of your friends about this AND vote for Peter’ personal blog, Thoughts From the Couch!

Much Love…Eyes Open, We’re Watching!!!

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And the winner is…


It’s been a crazy week having been all over town this past weekend, and we haven’t yet been able to update about everywhere we went, but it’s coming…

In the meantime, we just wanted to let you know that the winner of the weekly reader-polled interview is Miss Alana Steele! Since we’ve been so busy, we only got in touch with Alana tonight, but look forward to the interview coming in the next few days…

On a side note, it seems like everywhere we go, people stop us and ask us if we’re “the boys of raannt”, often commenting on our page. Thanks for the huge readership, it’s much appreciated. Often, someone asks us to read their website or blog. While on the phone at the Midwest Fashion Week after party, with dear friend Brittany Mason, someone put their card in Alex’s pocket and told him he had a site as well. While we don’t necessarily understand or appreciate anonymity, we did find his blog noteworthy and thought we would mention it to our readers. So for those style followers, check out ballcapsandneckties.blogspot.com. Maybe we’ll get a nod as well…hmmmm…we’ll see!

AND…Don’t forget to vote for the next interview…you have until Sunday at 12pm to vote! Oh…and it’s anonymous!

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

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Word to the Wise…


Hey Everyone…Just wanted to inform our readers that the boys of raannt are the NEW gossip columnists/bloggers for The Bilerico Project…The web’s largest GLBTQ group blog! We are extremely honored that they asked us, and true to our mission on raannt, we will continue to improve the social vibe of Indy while reporting on events, new restaurants/clubs and local celebrities.

raannt will remain intact as a separate entity but now we are able to truly cover the ENTIRE city! Thanks to the Bilerico family for this awesome opportunity!

Click here to visit The Bilerico Project-Indiana…

Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

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